Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016: Nikhil’s face gets exposed and Pragya sees him

Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016: In last episode Abhi by mistake proposes Pragya in front of everyone and shouts at her when realizes what he has done.

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016

Nikhil tries to escape from Purab and Ronnie and gets mingled with burkha clad women to hide himself. Pragya too reaches and finds this is a red street area. She stops police officials and informs that all those women standing aren’t good. But they deny exposing their veil it’s against dignity. She claims to see a man hidden under burkha and doing wrong.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016 Written Updates

They ask women to show their face and ID while tries to escape, police see him and ask him to stay. Lady police see everyone’s face and shouts this is a man. Policeman claims to make a wireless announcement if he didn’t raise his veil. As Nikhil exposes his face Pragya sees that and wonders her doubt of Nikhil being Tanu’s baby father.

Police man takes Nikhil to the police station. Pragya says Nikhil is responsible for this condition of maa. Pragya tells Purab and Ronnie that he was Nikhil and police man took him. Purab suggests to tell this to Abhi but Pragya denies saying we don’t have proof. Purab regrets that he was unable to record the confession made by Tanu.

Pragya asks to go home since Abhi is very annoyed after the announcement he made. Ronnie asks them to leave and says he have some work. Dadi asks Sarla how she fainted and says no to worry now. Rachna shows them the video of Abhi proposing and apologizing to Pragya in front of everyone in the concert. Dadi and Sarla get very happy.

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016

Ronnie Plans something and calls Tanu and asks her location and asks her to stay there until he comes. She says she’s at godown back yards of the concert. Abhi claims Tanu to be very careless recalling everything and says she won’t be ever forgiven. He thinks why Pragya was quite at the stage and claims both of them to be betrayals.

Tanu wonders where Nikhil is and then Ronnie comes there and laughs at her. Pragya reaches home and tells Dadi that he is none other than Nikhil. She says he’s hypocrite he plays very humble and is responsible for everything. She asks her to go to Abhi since we have proofs too. Prgya saya we don’t have proof.

Dadi says not to worry and shows her the video. Pragya says this was a mistake. I wn]ent there in place of Tanu and  she says she should meet hi. Dadi denies her to meet him since he’s at his peak anger. Ronnie kidnaps Tanu. Ronnie informs Pragya that he kidnaped Tanu to gather the proofs. Pragya shouts at him and says she’s coming there. Pragya tells everything to Dadi.

Ronnie asks Tanu to call her boyfriend and call him here with money. Nikhil’s men free him. Tanu calls her and asks him to come her as she’s kidnaped. Tanu threatens kidnaper saying Abhi won’t leave you. She gets stunned when he says you’re pregnant to Nikhil’s baby, he’s having proof.

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