Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 Written Updates

Here are the written updates of Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 episode 427. Continuing from the previous episode, Tanu told Aaliya that she approached Abhi for papers but in the meantime, Pragya arrived. Aaliya asked why did she want to give papers to him and added that Pragya might realize that Abhi was acting.

Tanu said that Abhi asked to keep the documents safe with herself and added he would take the same after gaining Pragya’s trust. Raj arrived and asked for the documents. Tanu replied that Abhi asked for them and he wanted to take Pragya’s signature. Aaliya said they didn’t tell them as they don’t want to give false sympathy to him. Raj asked them to keep documents at the safe place.

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015
Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015

Dadi, Bulbul and Purab arrived for having a meet with Pragya. Pragya said that Abhi was creating trouble for her and added that she would go to mental hospital. She said Abhi was flirting with her and he said that he loves her. Bulbul asked what. Dadi asked her to shift in another room. Bulbul asked why she was getting worried when she was getting his love. Pragya said Abhi was acting to her, and She forgotten that she was acting to him. Purab said Abhi was a good actor.

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Dadi asked her for not changing the room otherwise Abhi would think that she was scared of him. She said if he does something then convey her. I would come and scold him rudely. Pragya said if he don’t understand the situation then…Dadi said that Abhi couldn’t go against her. Purab asked Bulbul to tell the idea. Bulbul said that Abhi was torturing her because she was letting him torturing her and said Pragya in return should flirt with him.

Purab impressed by this idea. Bulbul asked him to give her coffee. Pragya arrived in the room and thinking to face Abhi bravely. She recalled and saw the documents are lying on the floor and thought that Abhi hugged her just to hide the papers. She started for searching the documents.

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 Episode 427

Tanu arrived to meet Nikhil and thought where did Aaliya leave after making her sit. Nikhil asked what happened. Tanu praised him for managing the situation. Nikhil said he did not only look good but have an intelligent mind too. He said he had planned more surprises for her and said that they couldn’t even think of the same.

Tanu thought that she was not interested in him and if he again irritates her then she would be giving him the surprise. Nikhil holds the hand. Tanu worried of someone might saw them together. Nikhil said he understand and added that he was helpless. Tanu though she couldn’t tolerate him anymore.

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Purab and Bulbul arrived at the same restaurant. Bulbul tried to order the coffee. Purab started teasing her. She said she would leave. They saw Nikhil and Tanu sitting together. Tanu and Nikhil were shocked of them. Pragya thought of finding out the documents and said that they might be in the room of Tanu or Aaliya. Abhi arrived and said he want to apologize for hugging her without the permission. Pragya thought he had started the same thing over and over again.

She said it was okay, she was not angry. Abhi hugged her again. Pragya thought of calling Dadi. Abhi said to let him hug and feel her presence. Dadi coming and Pragya said Dadi arrived. Abhi said that it was an old trick. Dadi picked the scale and started beating him with the same. Abhi ran from the room. Pragya said she should have beaten Abhi less. Dadi said nothing could happen him.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 Written Updates

Nikhil asked Purab how were they and asked what a surprise. Bulbul replied why and couldn’t they came here. Nikhil said, smart fiance. Bulbul said Tanu was sweating even when the AC was on and added it was strange. Nikhil tried to clarify the matter. Purab said Bulbul was concerned for Abhi and Tanu. Tanu asked them not to worry about her and said that she came here to meet a friend. Puran said they didn’t tell that Nikhil was her friend and said they both seems to be very close buddies.

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Nikhil said it was a casual meet. Purab said they don’t meet someone casually. Bulbul said they might have come for the coffee date just like them. They were shocked. Purab asked if they have taken permission of Dadi and Abhi. Bulbul said she would have asked them. Aaliya arrived and said Sonali demanded to meet Tanu and her and that’s why she came here. Bulbul said permission was necessary. Aaliya started insulting her and asked Nikhil to told Sonali for meeting her somewhere else.

Pragya arrived at Tanu’s room for checking the papers and checked the almirah too. She finally get the same on the bed and read out that it was Power of Attorney documents and thought if she signed the papers then Abhi would get her property. She thought Abhi was giving supporting Tanu and Aaliya and trying to make a fool of her to take the signatures. She thought he was acting of loving her and then thought Abhi might not know anything about this. She thought she have to be firm and let him proceeds his plan.

That’s all for today’s episode. Stay tuned with us for further Kumkum Bhagya written updates.

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