Kumkum Bhagya 29th February 2016: Pragya goes on to tell the truth to Abhi but shocks listening to Tanu and Abhi

The episode starts with Pragya telling Dadi, Ronnie and Purab that Tanu was after Sarla’s kidnapping and Sarla has also seen the baby’s father. They plan a party to let him come inside the house. Pragya thinks my first first preference should be Sarla’s safety.

Ronnie walks downstairs and sees Tanu. He plans to harm her baby. He takes bottle and throws water in the stairs. Tanu slips over it and gets back. She sees Ronnie hiding. He yells at him and calls Pragya. She asks see what Ronnie was trying to do. You guys are trying to kill my baby. Tanu thinks everything is happening just because of this baby, I can’t lose my baby. She says I have to take some step.

They gather. Tanu scolds Ronnie for doing this. Rachu says he did correct. Pragya says why were you targeting the baby, there is no fault of him. Ronnie says Bulbul also had no fault in all this. Pragya saa there is a difference between us and Alia and Tanu. Pragya blames herself for everything and says I am going to tell about everything, no matter he believes me or not. Dadi stops her. She says the distance is going to be life long and she leaves.

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Purab goes to Pragya and asks her to think it again. She says no, I will tell him everything, unless we will not have to make our plans every next day. She says if he doesn’t beleives me, what will happen. I am already off from his heart and he will throw me out, no problem I will go with Sarla. She says Tanu will also get what she had wanted. She says now let’s leave everything to our destiny, atleast I will get my peace of mind. She leaves.

Tanu goes to Abhi. She tells her everything and says Pragya wants to kill my baby. Abhi fumes, he says it is enough now. She can’t harm anyone, I know her. She asks you will trust me after our baby dies. Pragya searces for Abhi and asks Robin. He tells he is in garden. Purab asks Dadi to go with her, so that Abhi will believe both of you. Dadi says still we need a proof, on my saying he will ask Tanu but she will lie as usual. Ronnie says we will ask some time for proofs. Dadi fumes and says I will not let anything happen to Pragya, I will what I haven’t yet. She leaves from there.

Sarla prays to God to help her daughter. Tanu continues her emotional drama with Abhi. She says I had done a lot for you, suffered for you but you have no concern for me. He says I had taken the decision. She says then why don’t you have feelings. He says he didn’t wanted to mess up things, if Pragya refused to give divorce then the matter will go to court.

Pragya listens to Tanu shouting about the baby being in danger. She says she will tell you a story that this is someone else’s baby and come with someone else to make you believe all this as you trust her. Pragya listens all this in shock. He shouts nothing will happen, I will not come in anyone’s story, this is my baby. Pragya listens all this in shock.

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