Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016: Pragya insults Tanu and asks her to tell all the truth to Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016: The episode starts with Dadi thanking God for helping her fight Tanu. She prays that Tanu keeps away and Pragya and Abhi stay forever. Dadi calls Sarla. She asks Janki to keep the phone on speaker. She says Tanu was caught as she had stolen the money and Abhi asked her to leave.

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Sarla gets happy. Tanu is packing her bags. Pragya goes in her room and says she has come to help her. Pragya says you returned my husband so I am  very thankful to you. She says Abhi will get to know that you are cheating him from the starting. She says your biggest lie is your baby.

She says this is the punishment given to you by Abhi not by me. She makes her remember Sarla’s insult. She says the reason why you came in this house was your baby and the reason why I left. She says I made a blunder my trusting you.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016

She says you thought that you will never be caught. She says I heard your conversation with Nikhil and Aliya. She says I had to change my avatar. She says Abhi will never accept you. She asks her to tell Abhi everything.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016 Written Updates

Tanu says you are beautiful and intelligent but you are a boring teacher. Tanu denies. She says you don’t have courage to tell him the truth but go and tell your reality and also tell him that you don’t match him. She says you tried to prove me characterless and tried to prove my affair with Suresh.

She says you and Aliya killed my sister, and tried to kill my mother and mom. She says you are a murdered and thief. She again asks her to tell the truth to Abhi. Tanu asks her to stop. She says you also want to gain Abhi. Pragya says when Abhi will know the truth he will kill both of you. Tanu thinks Abhi will kill me for sure.

Mitali goes to Tai ji and says Pragya and Tanu are going to Abhi to choose one of them. Tai ji asks if Tanu will stay here. Mitali says Tanu will win. Tai ji says Pragya is the owner she will win. Tai ji asks her to have a bet of 20,000 rupees.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016

Pragya says the previous thing is with me now. I will live my life with Abhi. Tanu says I am going now but when I come back I will snatch Abhi forever. Pragya thinks Tanu will plan something so expose her soon.

Tanu goes to Abhi’s room. He asks her to go out. She says I am going from your house and life. She says I will always love you and will take the child with me. She says I wish the baby is a son so that I can remember you seeing him. She try to emotionally blackmail him.

Abhi remembered the baby gorilla gifted by Tanu to him and asks to throw it. He says he did wrong to Sarla to Dadi. Dadi says don’t worry everything will be right. She says I told Sarla and she was happy. She asks him to meet her and appologize. He says I will meet her but I will do one more thing before. Dadi says Tanu is leaving the house. Abhi says I don’t want to keep any of her memories with me now.

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