Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016: Tanu exchanges her phone with Pragya’s and get safe when Abhi catches Nikhil

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016: In the last episode Nikhil tried to kidnap Ronnie but he escaped before smelling chloroform. Pragya started showing the video to everyone but Nikhil cut the power and snatched Pragya’s phone and ran.

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016

Purab told Abhi that there must be something in the video that was why thief stole that and Abhi promised to get him anyway. Nikhil hiding wondered what he must do and Tanu thought he must have eloped yet. Mitali asked Tanu to pack her bags and should ready to leave as she wondered that video must contain her confession. Tanu shouted on her and she checked her saying she’s bahu there and she’s only in line yet.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016 Written Updates

Pragya worried and told Dadi if thief wouldn’t be caught then her all hard work would be in vain. She relaxed her saying he would be caught and asked not to be tensed. Tanu came and asked why she was worried. Dadi said Pragya is afraid to lose contact and would be cut from money as she lost her phone and asked Tanu to pray same but Pragya said she didn’t want her fake sympathy.

Purab caught Nikhil and beat him and brought him without seeing his and Ronnie managed to bring light and they saw Abhi and Purab caught him and Tanu got shocked. Pragya asked her if she packed her goods as she wouldn’t be stopped at any cost. They removed his mask and stunned to see Nikhil and Abhi asked why did he come to steal in his house.

Pragya asked Tanu if he was her back up the he failed. Abhi asked why he stole her phone? He cooked fake story and said he caught the-the thief and took the phone from him and he visited here to give CD to Purab. Tanu took phone from him and claimed it to be her, Dadi snatched it form her and said she would first see the video.

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016

Abhi said he was curious to watch video. Dadi asked Purab to play video and everyone got shocked seeing in video Tanu pleaded to get married to Abhi to god or she would be mad. Pragya claimed that not to be her video. Tanu smirked at her said instead of counting her day she should count her own days. She got worried wondering where her phone lost? Nikhil took leave and Abhi apologized to him and asked to go to sleep everyone.

Dadi asked Abhi to go to his room to sleep but he denied and said he was fed up of Tanu’s and Pragya’s or Rahu Ketu’s drama and appreciated raja maharaja to handle so many wives. Dadi suggested him to listen music and be relaxed, he liked idea and went off. Dadi worried where Pragya’s phone gone? Pragya asked Purab if he saw Nikhil there. He affirmed and said but he cooked up a fake story.

Nikhil complaint Tanu that he got beaten by Purab, Abhi etc. and asked how the phone got exchanged? She said she got them exchanged taking the advantage of dark and argued to be safe because of herself no him. Nikhil asked her to be careful from Pragya. 

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  1. this show has passed stupid…this is absolute nonsense….not interested anymore….how can a track run for almost a year and it is the simplest track to solve…most of the household knows of tanu lies and yet still she can get away with it…and abhi has no brain right now…imagine the beginning of the video had tanu begging someone for forgiveness and to give him money..pragya asks her if she is afraid of being exposed…Nikhil lie that he came to deliver photos and ran after the thief and of course tanu exchanging the phone and you expect viewers to accept this continuous nonsense…and of course the mockery of praying to god…apparently we are to believe that he helps the villains and not the good ppl…has the writers lost their way and don’t know what to write anymore…for they are just repeating the same thing over and over again….check the comments from your viewers on social sites and you all will see just how fed up we are…

  2. Oh com on now
    Its way too long now u director keep making this serial boring n boring everyday .can’t u jus bring out the friggin truth n done


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