Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016: Abhi sees his Fuggi in Pragya and sleeps next to her

In the last episode, Abhi and Purab caught Nikhil but he cooked a fake story that he took the phone from the thief. Tanu already exchanged her phone with Pragya’s in the dark before Nikhil stole it and got rescued when Abhi played video.

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016

Pragya cried as her expectations broke to meet his love and slept. Abhi woke up in the midst and wondered Fuggi cried and went to her and saw her sleeping and thought stone hearted person like her couldn’t cry and she must have ordered him in sleep to cover the blanket. He put a blanket on her and wondered why he couldn’t see her in pain and said tonight she looked like his Fuggi.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016 Written Updates

He brought her specks and mad her wear that and complimented her and adored her. He wished to meet his Fuggi daily in the same manner and slept there sitting. She woke up and covered him the blanket and became happy and said she lost her hope but she gained that again seeing him and wished to cross the path as she’s expected there only.

Aliya tried to make an omelette in the kitchen and got her finger burnt and said that was hard to make it. Tanu came and Aliya asked her if she could make an omelette? Tanu said she just known that was made up of the egg. Aliya asked her to make it on her instruction and she asked how to break an egg, she replied to break it from anywhere and she did it on the stove.

Aliya shouted on her for being useless and appreciated her brother didn’t marry her as she didn’t deserve to marry anyone. Tanu got damn angry and Aliya asked her to go. Akash discussed with Dadi about Pragya’s lose and suggested not to discuss last night with her. She came and asked what was up? Akash said they were worried about her. She replied Abhi cheered her up but she couldn’t forget last night.

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016

Dadi said thwy shouldn’t forget Tanu was still home. Pragya said her truth might come from another way now and said Nikhil should be compelled to utter the truth and Purab came and she asked Purab to dig every minute detail in his context. Aliya said Tanu tell her problems to her and asked to leave after that. Tanu pleaded to help her getting rid of Pragya as they both are known to each other’s secret.

She said Aliya is most cunning, sharp, smart, cunning, and betrayal girl. Aliya shouted if that was a compliment or comment and agreed to help on a condition that she would help her getting back in Mehra house and Tanu agreed.

She told her plan that takes Abhi out and then get away from him and meanwhile she would ask her people to rush car towards her and she would save her on time and that she’s supposed to narrate Abhi and asked him to get her in

Pragya regretted she couldn’t manage to gather proofs against Tanu and asked Purab to be conscious this time and work hard on gathering details of Nikhil and he left and collided with Tanu approaching towards their room. She met Pragya and said hi and taunted she didn’t hide her phone in her room and asked to accept her defeat and told her to leave house right that moment.

Pragya said she would be a step ahead of her and the moment she would stop for a while to take a breath she would overcome and win her.

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  1. Kumkum bhagya is the worst serial ..only Tanu and Aalia are over smart…rest are fools …abhi is the biggest fool…this serial is making public fool


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