Melissa Rein Lively Target: Wiki, Arizona ‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display & Shows Off $40K Rolex [VIDEO]

Melissa Rein Lively, a native resident of Arizona, has become famous for destroying Target’s face mask display and showing off her $40K Rolex. The Arizona ‘QAnon’ Karen has gone viral on social media, watch the full video. Read details of Melissa Lively, Wiki, Bio, Job, Family, etc., and watch the full documented Target Face Mask Display video.

Melissa said that the US President Donald Trump and a conspiracy theory association had sent her to Target to damage the face mask display and flaunt her forty thousand worth Rolex watch.

Netizens have dubbed the woman as ‘QAnon Karen’ after she initially documented herself manoeuvring through a Scottsdale-area Target store and thrashing down the face masks on display. Check out details of Melissa Rein Lively Target.

Arizona ‘Karen’ – Melissa Rein Lively Target Wiki, Husband, Photo, Age, Job, Family Details

Melissa Rein Lively Wiki Photo Target Face Masks Arizona Karen
Melissa Rein Lively Wiki Photo Target Face Masks Arizona Karen

Melissa is the Founder & CEO of a PR & Marketing firm – TBCPR (The Brand Consortium). In the Arizona QAnon Karen’s viral video, Melissa Rein Lively appears to be talking to herself before actually deciding to commit the crime, making it look like the last stand mission.

She repeatedly says, “not doing it… not doing it”. It is not clear why she said that – whether she wanted Target to stop selling masks or Was she resisting from knocking from the display?

While she is performing the deed, some staff members come over and ask her to stop damaging the panel. Melissa refuses at first, and then randomly begins telling “everyone else do it.” She then questions the staffers if they are stopping her because “she’s a white, blonde woman.”

The Arizona Karen then says the absurd thing, “Are you hassling me because I have a fort thousand dollar Rolex watch?” That’s the reason 40K Rolex was trending on twitter. People were quick to notice the loopholes that Rollies do not usually go to Target, let alone damage any property.

Rein has a LinkedIn profile that tells excellent details about her education and professional career.

Melissa Rein Lively Education & Job

Melissa Lively is the Founder and CEO at The Brand Consortium PR. She is working at the firm from 2009 – present.

Her LinkedIn profile bio read, “Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. A strong business development professional skilled in Crisis Communications, Hospitality Industry, Event Management, Media Relations, and Corporate Communications.”

Melissa Rein Lively Wiki Photo Arizona Karen Target Face Mask
Melissa Rein Lively Wiki Photo Arizona Karen Target Face Mask

She graduated from Arizona University (2003-2007) and studied at Cherry Greek High School.

Lively has volunteered for numerous organizations such as the American Heart Association (2013-present), Make-A-Wish America (2012-present), and Pheonix Children’s Hospital (2010-present).

Melissa Lively Age & DOB – N/A

Husband Name – Jared Lively, a real estate tycoon.

Melissa Rein Lively Instagram & Facebook

Melissa Rein Lively Target – Tracked Down & Arrested

The latest video surfaced on the Internet shows Melissa Lively being interrogated by the police. It looks like the police tracked her down to her home and arrested her subsequently.

Take a look at the video.

Reddit Tells Melissa Rein Lively’s Husband’s Story

The Redditors have a theory as to why Melissa committed such a crime.

The comment in a subreddit read, “Her story was from 8 AM (ish?) – 2 PM? The husband wanted a divorce, so he kicked her out of the home. Then she went to a nearby hotel, went to target, and damaged the face mask display there. When kicked out by the staff, she took a cab back to the hotel.”

“From there, she took daddy’s card and shopped for thousands of dollars. She was eventually stopped by the hotel’s staffers to wear a mask; she refused and went home. She tried to leave in her Range Rover, placed outside the house.”

“Her husband tried to stop her and called the cops. Rein Lively tried making false allegations on her husband to get him arrested anyhow. But, here we are, the video is proof.”

Arizona ‘QAnon’ Karen – Melissa Rein Lively needs to get treated at a good hospital. The doings of Rein is evident why her husband wants the divorce.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Melissa Rein Lively.

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