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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015: The episode starts with Ishaani asking the man and if he had made the painting, he said he had made it. Ishani asked how he could make this. The man asked her can’t he make it. He is told by Ishaani that it is an actual story. The man replied that he painted the story told by his patient. Ishaani started asking about that patient.

The man said that he had lost his love in a young age, she seems to be something to him. Ishaani said that she did not have any relations with him. Se doesn’t know him but asked for the cause of humanity. The conversation was heard by Ranveer who was standing nearby. Nurbhay came from behind and clutched her shoulder and asked whether she wanted to send a message to Ranveer. Ishaani is dragged by him.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015

After reaching home, Ishaani is thrown on the floor by Nurbhay and he calls his man. He said that he had seen the results of being free. Ritika came there, Nurbhay said that she had been asking about Ranveer from a stranger as his wife. He ordered his man to lock Ishaani. Ishaani pleads him. Nurbhay said that he will let her live in the forest if she wants to live outside the house and must talk to wildlife. Ritika said that she can even run from there, Nurbhay said that those in his area can hide but can’t run away.

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Nurbhay ordered his man to throw Ishaani in the forest without even a blanket. Ritika took Ishaani with his men. Nurbhay sat on the sofa and got upset that it was a good day and his amma said Naina smiled. Aarti and maa came with Naina, Aarti asked why he and Ishaani came early. She was told by Nurbhay to leave and Naina is taken by him to feed dinner.


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015

Aarti thinks for the reason of not answering. Ritika took Ishaani and told her that they have reached. Ishaani was asked her to come down the jeep and said that Nurbhay had sent some jewellery and she wanted to see her in that. Ishaani doesn’t move. Then they dragged Ishaani into the forest.

The dinner is brought by Nurbhay for Naina. He said it’s her favourite. Naina was lost, Nurbhay said that he forgot to switch on the TV because she won’t eat until the TV is on. A news is there about the exhibition in Carnal. Nurbhay said that the exhibition even came in the news. He said that whenever there is some good in the news, food is left by her. There is another news that a lion escaped into the jungle from a circus in Carnal. Nurbhay is stopped at once, he thought she only wants to punish Ishaani does not injure her. He tried to call but can’t. He also hurried to call someone to feed Naina.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st December 2015

Ishaani is dragged by Ritika who slipped over a stone. Ritika asked her if she was unable to walk. She has to stop her drama because RV is not there. She said you will be dragged by me if u will not cooperate. They left Ishaani at a clearing. Ritika said that she had been told by Nurbhay to leave her here because she won’t be able to do anything but anything can happen with her here. Ishaani’s feet are tied to a tree with a chain by Ritika. After feeling cold Ritika said that Ishaani will feel good here because Mumbai does not get cold. Ishaani tried to stop them but was unable to go further as she was tied.

Nurbhay called his men to take the jeep out, the lion has run into the jungle. Ranveer’s assistant came there and said that his employer has gone to paint in the jungle but doesn’t know about lion. He is told to hurry up by Nurbhay.

In the forest, Ranveer goes there with his equipment and having his thoughts about Ishaani and her queries about the painting. Ishaani tried to move in the forest by looking around and feeling cold. At the moment, she heard a lion roar. She wondered that the lion is nearby. The lion is also looked around by Ranveer.

Ishaani gets worried when she saw the lion approaching her. She started yelling for help. Ranveer recognised that this was Ishaani’s voice and started running towards the voice. Ishaani falls down while trying to remove the chain as the lion approaches her.

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