Microsoft Plumbago App – Time To Replace Pen And Paper

Microsoft Plumbago App – Time To Replace Pen And Paper:  Microsoft has come up with a new app titled as Plumbago, which is basically a digital notebook with enhanced technology which allows any user to read the scribble which has been written as the handwriting has been smoothened up.

The app will work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 through the Microsoft Garage.

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One of the best feature of the app is that is consists of realistic ink technology and has options like optimized tool picker which has been designed to reduce the number of taps to access the app features, notebook covers and paper selectors.

Microsoft Plumbago App – Time To Replace Pen And Paper

The app provides serves various kinds of papers to choose from, which includes the yellow rule, with the regular pink margin line and also includes grids, music, sheets.

Microsoft Plumbago App - Time To Replace Pen And Paper
Microsoft Plumbago App – Time To Replace Pen And Paper

Currently, in the initial release, the user can create a 25-page virtual notebook on which the user can scribble anything which can be done on a notebook.

To flip the page, the user will get the real life like option, he just needs to swipe the screen to flip the page. The option to choose between pen, pencil and highlighter.

However, Microsoft already had One Note but the latest released app is different from it and has many advanced features as well.

“We were thinking about how to make a great experience that really took advantage of the Surface and its pen and has the capability to change a physical notebook.”, said, Gavin Jancke, General Manager of Engineering, Microsoft Research.

The pen used in the app also gives the optimized experience also responds to the pressure of the pen. The harder it is pushed on the surface, the deeper the drawing tool lays onto the paper.

Apparently, it is the first version release of the app, so it is expected that there are going to be many bugs into it, but soon the tech company is going to fix them and enhance the user experience.

Earlier to Plumbago, there have been several apps which had tried to create a virtual notebook but have not gained much success. It will be really interesting to see that how the new app by tech giant will affect the lives of people who wants to skip the option to use pen and paper and have a virtual notebook.

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