List of Top 20 Most Liked Indian Videos/Songs on YouTube 2020 (Music & Non-Music) of all Time: CarryMinati, Hindi/Bollywood/Punjabi/Kids

Top 10 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos (Music & Non-Music): Hindi/Bollywood/Punjabi Songs List 2020
Top 10 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos (Music & Non-Music): Hindi/Bollywood/Punjabi Songs List 2020

Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos: An artist’s credibility is estimated by how much likes/dislikes they have on their content. So we present you the list of Top 20 India’s Most Liked Songs & Videos on YouTube. The list compiles artists of all sorts: singers, rappers & YouTubers. If you find your favorite celebrity on the list, do not forget to hit a like and share it with your friends.

Fun Fact: You will also find some nursery rhymes having over one billion views and millions of likes.

Top 10 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos Of All Time


#2 Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube vs TikTok: The End by CarryMinati

The 20-year old faced trauma when his video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End”, which went on to become the Most Liked YouTube video in India & Fastest to reach 10 Million Likes in the world, was removed by the authorities claiming it did not follow “Terms and Conditions”.

Coming to the No. 1 highest/maximum liked Indian YouTube videos. Ajey Nagar, the face behind CarryMinati, posted his heartwarming response “Stop Making Assumptions” to the removal of video on his various social media platforms including YouTube.

Soon it began trending in #1 on YouTube and people supported CarryMinati become the titleholder of Indian YouTube Video with the most number of likes for the second time. The result is in front of us. (Read: Most Liked YouTube Video in India: CarryMinati Claims Title Again.)

The video currently stands at 6.8 Million likes, Most Likes On YouTube Video in 24 Hours, claiming its spot back in just 2 days of release. And it will continue to increase with the time to come, it may become the First Indian Video with 10 Million Likes that ‘stays’ on the platform.

Though, the act of video take-down was part of a huge controversy, the ongoing YouTube vs TikTok feud. (Read: Why CarryMinati Video Got Removed?)

#3 Filhall feat Akshay Kumar & Nupur Sanon

The heart-wrecking song that made us all cry stood at No. 1 position for nearly 6 months before CarryMinati lays hands on the top position. It is a beautiful song sung by the Punjabi singer BPrak and lyrics are penned by Jaani. It tells the story of unconditional self-less true love which is yet incomplete.

The music video currently sits at 6.7 Million likes with going strong with 777+ Million views. This Hindi/Bollywood song has slipped to number two in the list of most liked Indian video songs on YouTube. Watch it below.

#4 Vaaste Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

The tale of one-sided love, where a girl falls in love with a guy but he did not recognize the life-changing opportunity standing in front of him. However, the girl ultimately finds the boys of her dream.

The vocals are given by Dhvani Bhanushali and lyrics are written by Arafat Mehmood. The music video of Vaaste has been watched by 801+ Million people and currently records 6.5 Million likes. This Bollywood/Hindi song is now number three spot in the line of the most liked music video on YouTube India.

#5 Lehanga feat Jass Manak & Mahira Sharma

One of the many Punjabi songs in the 100 Million+ Club, Lehanga became a worldwide hit back in mid-2019. Girls drool over Jass Manak, he is a hot ‘Munda’ in the industry. His looks combined with the groovy beats and mesmerizing visuals impressed more than 712 million people. The video currently holds 5.7 Million likes. It comes at number four in the list of most liked Indian song videos.

#6 Satisfya – Imran Khan

T7e guy who changed the club scenes of India, his evolutionary music has impressed everyone since the ‘Amplifier’ era, in fact, the entire Unforgettable was a global hit. Take the Satisfya for example, it was released in 2013 and stands 5th position for Most Liked YouTube Video in India.

The song is sung, produced, written, and composed by Imran Khan himself. The video has over 403 Million views and like bar records 4.8 Million Likes.

#7 Mile Ho Tum – Reprise Version | Neha Kakkar | Tony Kakkar

Most romantic song of the year 2016, Mile Ho Tum Humko touched everyone’s heart and still maintains to give chills. The song is about praising love, how fortunate one feels after they meet soulmates. Comparing it to heaven and living every breath for each other. It comes at the fourth spot in the list of India’s most like Bollywood songs videos on YouTube.

This is a reprise version, the music and vocals are modified a little from the original version featured in the movie Fever starring Rajeev Khandelwal & Gauhar Khan. The Kakkar combo has made 921 Million people smile and the music video is liked by 4.7 Million, 0.1 million short of Satisfya. It’s at number six in the list of India’s most liked Hindi songs video on YouTube.

#8 Lahore – Guru Randhawa

Another artist who has totally transformed the Punjabi Music Industry scene. Two of his songs are featured in Bollywood movies too. He has also appeared with Pitbull, famous international singer, and rapper in song Slowly Slowly. It is at number seven on the list of most liked Indian YouTube videos song.

Lahore depicts the tale of a lost lover who falls in love with a girl crossing the street and starts dreaming of her day and night. Lahore has 4 Million Likes and 852+ Million views. It’s one of the most liked Punjabi song videos on YouTube. Check out the video below.

#9 Arijit Singh: Pachtaoge | Vicky Kaushal, Nora Fatehi

The ‘Baap’ of all romantic singers, Mr. Arijit Singh, makes people cry their heart out-loud with his soothing voice. Pachtaoge (Regret) is no exception, is the tale of a lover who let himself die even after knowing that his lady is cheating on him and is planning to kill him. The song talks about the highest form of sacrifice of love and that what is given to others will eventually come back themselves.

The song sits at 4 Million likes with 380 Million views. The music composed is by Filhall’s fame BPraak and lyrics are written by Jaani. It’s the eighth most liked video song on YouTube in India.

#10 Prada – Jass Manak & Helina Khan

Prada was the turning point in the career of Jass Manak. The song received positive reviews from everybody. And the song presented catchy music with beautiful scenic views. The song currently has 3.9 Million likes out of which I think 75% is of young girls drooling over the open shirt look of Jass Manak. It has 570 Million views. Watch it here.

#11 (A) Guru Randhawa: High Rated Gabru

The 10th song from Most Liked YouTube Video in India is from none other than Guru Randhawa’s High Rated Gabru. The revolutionary singer, Guru has picked himself from the bottom and reached the top. The Guru’s Punjabi dope song with its thumping beats scores 914+ Million views and astounding 3.8 Million Likes.

(B) Humpty The Train

Fall in the same category of likes is Humpty The Train On A Fruits Ride. It is a nursery rhyme by YouTube Channel KiddiesTV Hindi. I guess children have learned more than ABCDs. 3.7 Million children know how to hit a like on YouTube. It is watched 1.5 billion times. It’s India’s 10th most liked non-music video on YouTube.

Top 20 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos

#12 Genda Phool – Badshah & Payal Dev featuring Jacqueline Fernandez

The traditional folk song with a modern touch, Genda Phool is sung by Payal Dev and Badshah raps the verses while Jacqueline takes breath-away of 292+ Million viewers. The music video got released during the initial Lock-Down amid COVID-19 Pandemic, the song holds 3.7 Mil Likes and the count will definitely increase with time to come.

#13 (A) Laung Laachi – Diljit Dosanjh & Neeru Bajwa

The most-watched song on YouTube in India having 1+Billion views. Laung Laachi was released in Feb 2018 and slowly made its way to the top of the charts. The renowned song could be heard in every wedding, tradition functions and even clubs played the remix versions.

Exceeding a billion views, the song is not the most liked song nationwide. It has a ratio of .03 % likes to views, currently sitting at 3.7M Likes. It’s on the list of one of the most liked videos of Indians on YouTube.

(B) Lakdi Ki Kathi – Kathi Pe Ghoda – KiddiesTV Hindi

One among the 5 Indian videos which have crossed 1 billion views. Another nursery rhyme which has over 3.7M Likes and is watched by 1.2 B people. It’s one of the most liked kids videos on Youtube in India.

#14 Parichay – Amit Bhadana – Ikka – Big Byrd

Parichay (Introduction) is an introduction to the hardships of Amit Bhadana’s life, how it was like growing up without a father, how he became the YouTube sensation he is now, and journey to 19 Million Subscribers. He also talks about his upcoming ventures, what he thinks about the industry, and calls fans his family.

The Parichay Official Music Video is sung by Ikka and music composed by Byg Byrd. Holds 63 M Views and 3.6 M likes. It’s one of the most liked Indian YouTube videos.

#15 Zaroori Tha – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The sensational voice of RFAK, son of Master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, makes everyone cry in this solo track. It speaks about the post-break-up stress and how one condoles itself. Zaroori Tha has 855 Million views with 3.5 Million likes.

#16 Daru Badnaam | Kamal Kahlon & Param Singh

Another Punjabi club banger by two NRIs who released the song just for fun and ended up becoming a global hit. The journey to 651+ Million views is very exciting. Initially, the song was not recognized by people other than the native Punjabi audience. However, over the course of time, around one year, the song slowly progresses its reach to various demographics. And finally becomes a worldwide hit. The song has 3.5 Million views. Listen to it below.

Top 10 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos (Music & Non-Music): Hindi/Bollywood/Punjabi Songs List 2020
Top 10 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos (Music & Non-Music): Hindi/Bollywood/Punjabi Songs List 2020

#17 Maninder Buttar: SAKHIYAAN

Only Punjabi song on the list which is not a club banger. This is a romantic one. Sakhiyaan is about an insecure girl who tells her boyfriend to always stay together. And shows little moments where the girl becomes jealous of Maninder (her boyfriend) meeting other girls. The view count stands at 400+ Million and 3.4 Million likes.

#18 Leja Leja Re by Dhvani Bhanushali

A remake of the 2000s most romantic song, Leja Re from “Ustad & The Divas” album. The song is recreated in the most perfect way possible. And received the attention it deserved very well by the audience.

This is the 2nd entry from the popular Hindi singer Dhvani Bhanushali. Leja Leja Re was released in Nov 2018 and has 600+ Million views with 3.3 Million likes. It’s one of the most liked Indian music videos on YouTube.

#19 Aankh Marey feat. Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan

This is another remake of an old well-known 90’s song by the same name from the movie ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ (1996).

The latest version was released in Dec 2018 and soon became a hit nationwide. It was, still is, on the playlists of all DJ’s. Clubs loved to bang this track on repeat and people have danced on it in every wedding, party, and function.

Aankh Marey sits at 734+Million views and 3.3 Million likes. Listen to it below, and dance if you feel like to. It’s one of the most liked Bollywood song videos on YouTube.

#20 Makhna – Yo Yo Honey Singh & Singhsta

People had forgotten about the man who pulled Punjabi Music Industry into mainstream Bollywood as Yo Yo Honey Singh did not release any track for 3 years straight due to him being severely ill.

Finally, he made a promising comeback and impressed everyone his new style, though he put on some weight during his absence period. Makhna’s punchy lines and hook-steps will definitely want to make you dance a little. The song currently has 260 M views and 3.3 M likes.

#21 Firse Machayenge – Emiway

The last song in Top 20 Most Liked YouTube Videos in India is from Emiway, the young-age rapper. It is a sequel to the entertaining hip-hop track Emiway released back in Jan 2019 Machayenge, the only hip-hop song covering 100+ Million views.

Emiway was recently a part of the controversy surrounding him having more views than other artists, Divine to be specific. The matter heated to the extent that both artists released tracks to diss each other. (Read: Divine vs Emiway Diss/Fight In Detail)

Firse Machayenge is a club banger with 156+Million views and 3.2 Million likes. It’s one of the most liked YouTube videos of India.

I hope you liked the complied list of Top 20 Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos/Songs. Stay tuned for more updates.

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