MoviePass’ $10 plan per month for three movies is available

A membership of MoviePass to watch movies sometimes comes to be the best deal in the market while the rest of the time is all about missing them. On Wednesday, the company has launched a new plan with a hope that they will survive for more time by making plans cheaper.

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Existing membership users and the new one will able to get this offer of three movies for the same price of $10 per month. As the user surpassed the free limited, he/she will get a discount from $2 to $5 per film. It all depends upon the film and the location of the customer.

MoviePass’ $10 plan per month for three movies is available

Anyone previous user who had the plan of $8 per month for three films will experience the increase of $2. On the other hand, customers with an annual subscription of the service will get the benefits they signed at the time of billing. From next billing date, they will have to face the change.

For weeks, the MoviePass has been confusing all. Mitch Lowe, CEO is apologizing for the inconvenience to the customers in the month of July because of the temporary shortage of money to the MoviePass. The service provider also introduced the $15 plan before the time of $10 plan keeping in mind with the no limit on the number of movies.

MoviePass' $10 plan per month for three movies is available
MoviePass’ $10 plan per month for three movies is available

This new plan will give relief to the customers as it suspends the peak price and ticket verification which made them charge $2 to $8 for the popular films. The service users are facing issues those who want to leave it before the time of changes in plans. For this, the MoviePass said the issue was a bug and now it has been fixed.

All of the above, still for some customers, the MoviePass is a great deal in the market right now for those who love to watch movies on a regular basis and their frequency matches with the limit set by the MoviePass. This company faced that much of issues because of the competitors like Sinemia, AMC A-list, Movie Club and one other company, Alamo Drafthouses are also planning and working upon the subscription model for the cinema lovers.

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