MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7 9th July 2016: Akhil eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7: Well Episode 7 of the MTV Hot “Splitsvilla Season 9”, began with the task of Honey and Corn amongst the boys and girls. Though later what shocked the floor was this announcement from the host Ranvijay. He brought in the news that four boys will be dumped in the Dumping ground today.

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Later the competition between Nikhil Sachdeva and Karan Khanna was an outrageous one. It was full of power and energy. As the last instalment introduced a new face in the villa, things seemed to be heating since then.

While the boys were busy expressing their rage and aggression against each other in the Dumping ground, Host Sunny Leone calmed them down, bringing in some peace at the villa.

The show went as follows. Karan Chhabra, blissful enough to be brought back by the power of Shreeradhe, he wasn’t welcomed by the present Queen Martina. She seemed upset by the play.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7
MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7

Now was the time for the task 1 Honey 2 Corn, the winner of which would get the Golden Bracelet. As the bracelet holds the power to inch one closer to the throne, getting it is gonna be a tough fight.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7 Written Updates

The task began with the performance of Archie and Shreeradhe. It was followed by Mayuri and Karan’s performance, after whom were Gurmeet, Kavya, and Varun in the tally. Last but not the least, the task was put to an end by Isha, Nick, and Abhishek with their performances respectively.

Following the trail, it was time to face the Dumping Session at the villa by the boys. As the dumping session closed, its pressure was felt by the candidates. A wave of heated arguments and altercations hit the Dumping ground.

Mayuri expressed her negation to the connection between Karan and Shreeradhe. She felt heart robbed. Whereas Karan has another story on his plate. He blamed Nick for doing all that and then serving the mix to Mayuri in an implicated way.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7
MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7

Thereafter, the talks turned swiftly into a strong argument between Nikhil, Karan Khanna, and Karan Chhabra. Aftre that Queen came into action, used her power which resulted in dumping of Akhil, Archie, Karan Chhabra and Karan Khanna out of Season 9 of MTV “Splitsvilla”.

Now as the tables always turn at the end, it has been the legacy of the show to pop surprise at the end. This time, the Book of Fortune plays the role.

As the Book of Fortune opened, it read that the Girl with the Golden Bracelet can save one boy. Now as Shreeradhe, Kavya and Isha have one each, they can save one.

Fortunately, Karan Chhabra was saved by Shreeradhe, Kavya saved Archi and Karan Khanna was saved by Isha. Thus, no one saved Akhil and he was the one finally evicted from the MTV Splitsvilla 9.

MTV Splitsvilla is aired on MTV India on Saturday and Sunday , at 7 pm.

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