MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8 10th July 2016: Queen Martina unbeaten and still in power.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8: Splitsvilla Season 9 is back with all its thundering performances and buzzing talks and altercations. As this installment is on the tracks of “Only Women Rule”, this time, the villa will have only Queen at the house. No King means the boys will have no authority power over the candidates.

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With the power getting into the hands of Martina at the first place, she was the first queen a house. The show is hosted by the Queen of Hearts Sunny Leone and Roadies winner, renowned Youth Icon Ranvijay.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8

With the dumping sessions being the legacy of the show, Queen Martina dumped Karan Chabbra and Subhashish. Dumping Subhashish was a heartbreak for Neeharika as she was a close connection to him.

Next was followed by the task that gave the chance for the contestants to win the golden bracelet. Though not the supreme power, Golden bracelet still plays a great role in the game. In the next, Kavya won the bracelet making her eligible to the throne of the Villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8

Later it was the next installment, saw the Book of Fortune turn the tables. Harshit and Milind were dumped and made to exit. Even Neeharika was put even into the dumping zone by the present Queen Martina.

Later the boys were presented with a chance to save a girl from the house. Later in a competition between Neeharika and Rajnandini, it was Rajnandini who won the task, thus winning the golden bracelet.

Later it was an electrifying moment when the new face was introduced in the show. The first wild card entry into the show was stunning sexy Shree Radha. The moment she was in, boys went on with flattering her trying to build up connections with her.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8
MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8

Later she declared that her connection would be Varun, which was a bit sadistic for the present Queen Martina. Then Shreeradhe marked down Anuranjan, Abhishek, and Akhil as baits to the dumping zone.

Martina chose Anuranjan as her target, pulling her out of the show. But as we all know about the Book of Fortune. It opened up giving Shreeradhe the power to bring one back who was eliminated.

Now in yesterday’s stream, it was Karan Chhabra who was brought back by her. This was not welcomed by Queen Martina.  Now coming to the dumping session of the second day, it was Akhil, Archie, Karan Chhabra and Karan Khanna into the dumping zone.

But the Book of Fortune opened up, saying that all girls are having a golden bracelet can bring one contestant back. Later only Akhil was one who has to back his bags and move out.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8
Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8

As of the last stream of MTV Splitsvilla Season 9, Shreeradhe had to give up her Golden Bracelet.  This was because she whipped maximum votes when the choice was given to boys.

Initially, the three girls were given the chance to select amongst themselves as to who would abandon the bracelet. When they were not able to decide, the power was granted to boys.

Later it was Isha who was selected amongst her and Kavya to battle against Martina for the throne. This decision was also taken up by the boys collectively.

Martina proved her worth and capability as the Queen. She won the task “Gadhe or Ghode” and continued her status as Queen of the Villa.

Now it the ‘Smash Egg’ task, where Princess got the chance to show dislike for a particular girl by smashing eggs on their head. Now this time boys were safe, and the girls were in the dumping zone.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8
Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8

Boys got the chance to save two among the girls, honesty being the basis of judgment. Kavya and Isha were saved, whereas Mayuri, Shreeradhe and Rajnandini bulged into the dumping zone.

MTV Splitsvilla is aired on MTV India on Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm.

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