Naagarjuna 17th June 2016: Astika sensed the great power of nagmani taht Arjun holds

Naagarjuna 17th June 2016: Arjun felt suspicious towards Rajveer and so approached stairs. Shankchurn came down and glared at him. Shankchurn went in deep thought as to what was so special that his heart always starts beating faster whenever he encounters him. He walked towards SP and Noorie.

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SP denied Noorie’s request for some more time. Mayor came in and asked SP to let children play. Noorie too agreed to it.Noorie escaped the company of Shankchurn/ Rajveer as she went to have some water. Arjun saw her coming and hid behind cold drinks table.

Aslam just came in and was asking about Arjun, when suddenly Arjun popped up. Noorie in rude voice asked him as to why he lied when he wanted to come. Arjun retarded saying that he already has a handsome number of problems in his life and he longs for no more.

Naagarjuna 17th June 2016
Naagarjuna 17th June 2016

She took her aside and asks if he loves her to which he denies. She said that her father wants her to get married and just today introduced her to new ACP. Arjun suggested that she should marry ACP meanwhile she thought that Arjun loves her.

Naagarjuna 17th June 2016 Written Updates

Noorie went to Shankchurn, starts chit chatting only to make Arjun feel jealous. To do so, she stared at Arjun while talking to Shankchurn. She suggested Shankchurn that they must for sightseeing to Amroli. Shankchurn agreed. Noorie sensed that something has fallen into her eyes.

Shankchurn looked into her eyes pretending to help her. But instead, he hypnotised her and took her for dance. Arjun stood still totally fumed. Seeing this Aslam suggested him to express his love to Noorie.

Arjun walked directly to Noorie and Shankchurn, collided with Noorie which resulted in pulling her out of hypnosis. Arjun said that he wished to dance with her, but Noorie feared her dad. He said that they must rely on their hearts and then both of them danced on the song “tujhko hai mjhse raabta”.

Naagarjuna 17th June 2016
Naagarjuna 17th June 2016

SP is totally fumed seeing this whereas Shankchurn said that they might be good friends. SP told him that Arjun is a criminal who loves his daughter. After Noorie and Arjun finished, everyone applauded them. Mayor praised SP’s daughter and asked about the boy with her from SP.

SP escaped saying that he doesn’t know who is he. Later Arjun left and Noorie gets a harsh scolding from her dad who also warned her not to meet Arjun in future.

Later Mayor announced that Astika will be there soon. Shankchurn escaped silently. Astika entered in the company of soldiers. Mayor welcomed her and introduced her to SP. SP praised her saying that he has heard a lot about her and was surprised that they haven’t met yet.

Arjun walking hurriedly clashed into Astika to which solider retarded him. Arjun greeted her and Astika appreciated his Sanskar, touched his forehead and sensed the power bank he held inside her. He asks Arjun if he knows her. Arjun said that he has heard praises of her from his father and then left.

Astika followed his trial back to his home. Vasuki came and asked her to keep her distance from the boy. Astika said that she has sensed special powers in the boy as if he possess nagmani. Vasuki asked her not to drag the boy in their personal matter.

Astika told her that in order to keep on his powers, he must do nagmani pooja on maha Amavasya after which nagmani will grow bright. Also, this will prove the relationship it and Arjun. She suggested Vasuki to stay away if she fears her death. Vasuki gets tensed about how she will save Arjun from Astika.

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