Naagin 14th February 2016: Shivanya gets saved by Guru maa’s inspection because of Shivji’s blessings

Naagin 14th February 2016: The episode starts with Shivanya praying to kill his parent’s murders. The lord blesses her and she leaves.

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Naagin 14th February 2016
Naagin 14th February 2016

Sesha in Shivanya’s form goes to Rithik’s room. She sees the room decorated with rose petals on the bed. She asks. He says he will make this special day more special and hugs her. He serves her Champagne and she takes a sip.

Shivanya goes outside the house in aw of killing the murderers. Sesha senses her and goes there by making an excuse of going to the kitchen. Tey changes into snake form. Ramya sees this and shouts. Sesha says they will kill them. Ramya goes to Shailesh and tells him. He says she was telling this out of jealousy. She says Shivanya was naagin and even Tanu knew this. He says let us go and tell this to Ankush.

Shivanya goes back to her room and Hrithik comes near her. She pushed him and said how he can forget his limits. E said he was just fulfilling we wish which she wrote on the card. He asks if she loves or not. She asks him to leave. He says angrily he will never force her and leaves.

Naagin 14th February 2016 Written Updates

Shailesh and Ramya tell Ankush and Yamini about Shivanya being Naagin. They don’t trust them and start arguing. Rithik comes down and Shailesh tells him also. He shouts at him and scolds for saying so. Ankush says he had called Guru maa to confirm. They call Shivanya to come downstairs. She comes.

Guru maa also arrives there. She asks Ankush to give his ring to Shivanya. She wears it and nothing happens. She then chant some mantras on her but again nothing happens. Guru maa then asks the serpents to play been. Shivanya starts dancing. Guru maa says she is not a naagin. Shivanya remembers Shivji saying that she get her life but will lose her powers. Bhairavnath tells her that she will get her powers back on nag panchami. She thinks she got saved today else Guru maa might have caught her.

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Naagin 14th February 2016

Rithik complains to his Dad about Shivanya’s insult. Ankush scolds Shailesh and says he was breaking their friendship and orders him to leave his house. Ramya says if Ankush broke the partnership we will have to leave the city. Shivanya thinks then how she will kill him. She says naagin misguided them by doing so. Ankush leaves Shailesh on Shivanya’s saying and warns him.

Shivanya thanks Rithik for supporting her. He then sets his bed on the ground. Shivanya asks him. He says they got married because of some forced circumstances moreover she doesn’t love him. He continues to do emotional drama. Shivanya gets sad to this.

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