Naagin 15th May 2016: Kabir’s entry again in the show

Naagin 15th May 2016: Rithik said to Shivanya to come home with her for Amrita’s marriage. Shivanya said she would not come as nobody liked her. Rithik said he would not go without her.

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He also said that he would talk to everyone and told the truth to everyone then they would not hate her. Amrita was planning for shopping. Rithik came home. Amrita hugged him but disappointed to see Shivanya.

Rithik said to her that Shivanya did not kill their father she was just talking with them, another naagin killed him. Rithik said if Shivanya would not come in the home then he also go with her. Yamini said to Amrita to forgive Shivanya. Amrita left. In the room, Sesha attacked Yamini but Yamini saved with the help of her ring.

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Yamini asked her why she did this. Sesha said why she allowed Shivanya at home. She would not see them together. Yamini said it was her plan as Shivanya would busy at home then she can take nagmani. Sesha said she would kill Shivanya. Yamini stopped her and said to kill her after marriage.

Naagin 15th May 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya saw Amrita was drinking she tried to stop her but she misbehaved with her. Chhaya came there and stopped her for misbehaving with her. Amrita left from there.  Some bee attacked Sangram Singh at the hospital. Rithik came and said that doctor called them to the hospital as Baba was very serious.

They went to Hospital, Rithik came closer to his father but he attacked him, all were shocked to see this. The doctor gave him an injection and he had slept. Rithik thought why Sangram Singh attacked him.

Rithik was tensed. Shivanya came near him and said everything would be fine. They would consult with the best doctor in the world about Baba’s condition. Shivanya lost her balance and Rithik holds her.

Sesha saw all this from outside the room and became angry and said she would kill her. Shivanya was in the kitchen, Sesha came there and attacked Shivanya but as she tried to come close with her a force pushed her back. She shocked to see this then she saw the ring on her hand.

Sesha forms herself as Rithik and came to Shivanya and said that someone had tried to steal nagmani and he had some work at home so she had to go to the temple. Shivanya left for the temple.

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Sesha forms herself as Shivanya and said now she would make suhagraat with Rithik. Kabir entered the house and saw Shivanya was coming out from home he wanted to attack her but Shivanya left from there.

Rithik thanked Kabir for choosing his sister for marriage. Sesha came to Rithik in the form of Shivanya and said to come into the room as she had some work. Sesha was waiting for Rithik suddenly the lights off and a man entered the room, Sesha thought it would be Rithik so she hugged her from the back but she was shocked to see him when she saw his face because it was Kabir.

Kabir caught her from neck and said she would kill her and then she would lose both Rithik and Nagmani. Sesha asked how he knew about this. Kabir told Guruma had saved his life and told him everything. Kabir and Sesha did a deal, Kabir said he would Kill Shivanya and she would give Nagmani to him. Sesha agreed.

The engagement started Kabir’s fake mother did tilak on Amrita’s forehead. Yamini came to do tilak on Kabir’s forehead but Rithik said Shivanya would do the tilak. Kabir tensed to listen to this as he thought that Shivanya would tell his truth to Rithik but Sesha in the form of Shivanya came there and did tilak and left.

Kabir shocked as why she did not tell his truth to everyone. Kabir followed her and caught her from back, and asked her why she did not tell his truth to everyone, Kabir shocked to see this as she was Sesha in the form of Shivanya. Rithik came there and took Shivanya with her.

 Will Kabir able to kill Shivanya?

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