Naagin 2nd April 2016: Yamini calls Snake charmers and they catch Shivanya and tortures her

Naagin 2nd April 2016: In the last episode Sesha told Shivanya that Yamini is the killer of their parents to confirm that she went to Yamini and she manipulated her that Sangram is the murderer and she married to Ankush to save Rithik.

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Naagin 2nd April 2016
Naagin 2nd April 2016

Sangram got to know Rithik is married to Nagin and remembered about Naagmani book and thought to read it. Yamini brought necklace to Shivanya and insisted to wear that. Shivanya appreciated necklace beauty bit denied but she made her wear and started her drama by fake tears and said her brother is alive and saw him previous day.

Naagin 2nd April 2016 Written Updates

She yelled to be innocent but naagin is known that she is 5th killer but in actual her brother and Ankush killed ichhadari naagin in lure of naagmani. She said she wanted to save her family from nagin and Shivanya consoled her. Anjali read that a ring was gifted by Ranveer to Deepika at Eifel tower on their 3rd anniversary and asked Rithik to get something for Bhabhi on their 6 months anniversary and Yamini came and told she already gifted to her bahu and asked Rithik to get one too.

Sesha reached to meet Shivanya and coverted into her sseing Rithik approaching and he took her for date forcefully. Yamini saw Shivanya preparing food for Rithik and one Shivanya going with Rithik she smirked and thought two naagins at a time behind her son like kabhi saut to kabhi saheli.

Rithik made her sit in a small car named romantic car and she flinchingly sat and they reached to jeweler shopand Rithik asked to show an antique for her and went out. Shopkeeper saw her face changing and told Rithik and he laughed and said he have only one wife. A person tried to flirt with and she took her out and asked to kiss and he died kissing her.

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Naagin 2nd April 2016

She converted again into Shivanya and Rithik took her back and she thought what Shivanya might think and Rithik hugged her and tied her blouse lace and she started feeling for him. Sangram failed to find Naagmani book in haveli. Yamini asked Ankush for book and told him book would help to kill naagin. He got book fron safe and she read that and said she is known what to do.

She asked Shivanya to go market and get grocery and wore her 5th killer costume with a hat and an overcoat. She called snake charmer sadhus who all oath to kill 100 naag naagins and they started playing and caught her in naagin avtar. Yamini said one down now next. Rithik made Sesha wear necklace and she wished Shivanya must not come else she would be hurt.

Rithik asked her to sleep together but she wondered how could a naagin and human sleep side by side and denied he said he didn’t push him and she said she would not. He asked her to sleep hugging and apologized for demanding more than friendship stuff and they slept together.  

Snake charmers created a fire ring around all naags and naagins and tortured them. Her mangalsutra broke and fall apart she asked shivji to help. One sadhu picked her to complete his wish by sacrificing her. Sesha felt mesmerizing in his comfort which she never felt and her heartbeat raised. She heard shivanya’s plea and woke up but Rithik pulled her back and she ingnored her plea and felt him again.

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