Naagin 21st May 2016: Viren comes out from coma after long time

Naagin 21st May 2016: Gurudev said to Shivanya to stop in the temple as Maheshmati was coming to take the nagmani. Shivanya said she did not see them there. Gurudev said that he had heard the voice of them. Shivanya saw the Sangram Singh was coming into the temple.

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She called Rithik , Rithik was talking to Shivanya(shesha) and shocked to see the call of Shivanya on the phone. Shivanya told him that Shesha was in the house in her form. She also told him about Sangram Singh and Mheshmati.

Shivanya said she would come back after some time. Rithik said to Shesha that he had a surprise for her in the room. Sangram Singh came into the temple and said to Shivanya that he would take the nagmani and would give them to Mheshmati.

Naagin 21st May 2016
Naagin 21st May 2016

Shivanya said to Gurudev to stop her. Gurudev chanted some mantra and throw the ash on him and Sangram Singh became unconscious. Gurudev said to Shivanya to go home as he would handle him.

Naagin 21st May 2016 Written Updates

Shesha came into the room. Rithik attacked him and said to her that she would never take the place of Shivanya.  Shesha said to him that he could not do anything with her. Rithik said that he would lock her.

Shesha forms into Naagin and wanted to go out from the room but did not able to do that as Rithik placed the belpatra on doors. Rithik came out of the room. Shivanya came there and hugged him. Rithik saw her ring and hugged her.

Yamini heard some voice was coming out from Rithik’s room. She saw bailpatra on the door. She removed them and saw Shesha there. She said to Shesha to form herself as Ramya. Shesha does that and came down in the form of Ramya.  

Shivanya was going to saw the face of Kabir but Shesha stopped her and said her to go to the room and took Shagun envelope. Shivanya left. Shesha came to Kabir and told him about Shivanya and said to him to go to her room and kill her.

Naagin 21st May 2016
Naagin 21st May 2016

Shesha took the form of Kabir.  Kabir came into Shivanya’s room and wanted to attack her but he heard the voice of Rithik so he hides. Rithik said to Shivanya to come down as the engagement was going to start in some time.

Amrita was talking to Kabir(shesha ) and saw another Kabir was coming downstairs. She said that she loved him so much so she could see him everywhere. Sheshsa saw Kabir and disappeared from there. Amrita went to Kabir and started to take a selfie with him.

Kabir saw Shivanya and Rithik were coming downstairs so left from there. Viren came out from the coma. Chavi came there and became happy to see him. Viren said to Chavi that he would kill Shivanya as she was naagin. Chavi shocked to listen to that. Shivanya saw Kabir’s face and shocked to see him.

She came to Rithik and said to him that she wanted to talk with him. Rithik came with her. Shivanya told him about the Kabir but Shivanya shocked when she saw Shesha in the form of Rithik. Shivanya asked Shesha about Rithik.

Shesha said that she had caught Rithik in nagpash. Shesha said to her that not to tell anyone about Kabir. Shesha told her how he caught Rithik and she also told her that it was she who came down with her. Shivanya shocked to listen to that.

Will Shivanya be able to find Rithik?

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