Naagin 27th March 2016: Shivanya gets in dilemma how to kill Sangram

Naagin 27th March 2016: In the last episode Yamini confronted Mayuri for not killing Sesha. Mayuri replied she’s a source to Naagmani so, she couldn’t. Shivanya claimed Mayuri to be characterless as she seduced Rithik. Ankush threatened Yamini she would die.

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Naagin 27th March 2016
Naagin 27th March 2016

Shivanya disturbed Rithik’s sleep by making sun rays fall on him and accused him of owning whole and he pulled her like a sheet and their cute lovely nok jhok starts. She silently slept by his side wondering she couldn’t love him. Angad asked the gardener to get a flower for his girlfriend and got shocked seeing his dad as a gardener.

Naagin 27th March 2016 Written Updates

The whole family gathered and he accused Yamini of his condition and she took him to room in fear that he would reveal her truth to Shivanya she beat him up. Guruma being tortured by Sesha to take 5th murderer’s name spoke some Rithik relative and got unconscious.

Sangram on cliff wondered to save his son and got hit by his own son and when he woke he saw his son in front and told him that Yamini is the 5th murderer and said she would kill him too. Rithik left and converted into Sesha and headed to Shiv Mandir and told Shivanya Yamini’s truth. Shivanya denied saying she’s very caring and even got married to a stranger to protect his son’s life.

Sesha asked her to confirm by herself. Shivanya in the form of Sangram Singh entered Yamini’s room and strangled her and asked her the reason of betrayal and why she wanted his child to be dead. Yamini due to Gurumaa’s ring realized that she’s Naagin and started acting and claimed him to greedy and accused for killing the Ichhadhari nags pair.

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Naagin 27th March 2016

She pleaded for leaving his son. Sangram left as he saw Rithik approaching. She got happy wondering that now Shivanya would kill his enemy Sangram if he’s alive and her secret would remain safe. She confirmed the death of Sangram from Ankush and beaten him up saying he’s still alive and needed to be dead.

Shivanya went to Shiv Mandir and claimed Sangram to be the 5th murderer, not Yamini. Gurudev reminded Gurumaa’s gesture of pointing out Rithik’s relative and claimed it to be Sangram. Shivanya wondered she would Sangram she would loose Rithik and if she didn’t kill him then her parents’ soul would not be able to get peace.

Naagin 27th March 2016

She found herself to be stuck in the dilemma of how she would kill Sangram. Sangram got stunned seeing the truth of Shivanya as Ichhadhari Naagin. Sesha complaint Gurudev that Shivanya has fallen in love with Rithik and forgotten her motive. Sangram wondered to protect his son from both the ichha dari naagins Shivanya and Sesha.

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