Naagin 28th May 2016: Mongoose unleashes madness for Nagmani, threatened Rihtik to death

Naagin 28th May 2016: The show began with Yogi Raj holding honey in his hands and said by sensing honey Mahishmati’s bee will move out of Sangram’s body. He put honey in front of him and Bee came out of his body piercing out of his body. (Check: Shaktipeeth Mandir.)

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Sangram got unconscious. Yogi Raj suggested them to take Sangram to a hospital immediately. Here Sesha thinks of how to infiltrate Amrita and Kabeer’s engagement party. Kabeer showed her faint and unconscious Amrita and said that she can now come with him as Amrita.

She scolded him for killing Amrita but he told her that he didn’t. Sesha deciphers as Amrita and they both get it. They both perform on romantic songs as they in. Shivanya asked Rihtik to follow her with the holy ash. Kabeer said that he will kill Shivanya and sensed that she was missing.

Naagin 28th May 2016
Naagin 28th May 2016

Rihtik and Shivanya’s special performance is announced and Shivanya danced on song “Mein Teri Dushman”. And ended her performance. Sesha and Kabeer turned into their native animal form and started fighting.

Naagin 28th May 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya asked Rihtik to take Sesha as she cannot see her dying and then she threw ash on the mongoose. Mongoose vented of his powers escaped into a jungle. Rihtik and Shivanya got worried and started looking for Amrita.

A thought that Kabeer might have hidden her outside home struck her mind and she left with Angad. Rihtik found her in the cupboard and called both Shivanya and Angad to get Amrita out.

Mongoose ran to Guru Maa’s cave for help and she cured him with special water. He comes to human form and screams of killing nagin. Gurumaa scolded him saying that he wants to kill nagin instead of getting her nagmani.

He asked her about the nagmani and she told him that it is in Shiv Mandir and only Rihtik or Sangram can fetch it. Kabeer killed Gurumaa and was attacked by a Hawk. He offered Hawk the corpse of Gurumaa and invited him to eat Gurumaa.

Yamini blamed Shivanya for Amrita’s condition and said that it was because of her that Mongoose came to avenge her. She said that she will not let Shivanya in the house. Amrita stopped her and said that Shivanya told her about the mongoose and that she has always helped the family.

Naagin 28th May 2016
Naagin 28th May 2016

She apologized to her followed by Angad but once Shivanya was out, she again started the same.  Shivanya said that she will pay for her misdeeds. Kabeer entered Raheja’s house and grappled Amrita’s neck.

He warned Angad and family to come and sit and then he called Yamini. As soon as Yamini came he gripped another sister’s neck and asked Yamini about the nagmani. Rihtik came there. He tried to save his sister but gets injured.

He asked him to get him to nagmani but Rihtik refused. Kabeer wetted him with Kerosene oil and threatened to burn him. Shivanya went to the jungle and called Sesha. Sesha came there.

Shivanya asked her for help to kill mongoose and so she needed her skin since she removes her skin at Pooran Massi and fortunately it is today. Sesha said that she should go and ask Rihtik for help, why has she came to her. Sesha agreed to help her but she put a condition that Shivanya will move out of Rihtik’s life forever. Shivanya agreed.

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