One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date, Spoilers and Manga Scans Hint Kanjuro’s Latest Plan: Kaido’s Big Announcement

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date, Spoilers and Manga Scans
One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date, Spoilers and Manga Scans

One Piece chapter 979 release date has been revealed, and it’s May 10, 2020, Sunday. It will arrive after a week-long break. However, there have been some spoilers already leaked by some fans. The upcoming chapter’s scans feature a new plan made by Kanjuro. Also, it is completely plausible to see a new challenge between Tobi Roppo and the Calamities of the All-Stars. (check: The Flash Season 7.)

One Piece Chapter 979 Spoilers

One of the Reddit users, World Government shared some of the newly leaked early scans. It shows one interesting thing that it was the first time for Kanjuro when he went to Onigashima. While going there, he lost his way to the place. It should also be noted that the Straw Hat Pirates outwit him on reaching the island.

It’s because Luffy and the crew of Kidd have already started their infiltration mission to the mansion of Kaido. Kanjuro will be the central character in the upcoming One Piece manga chapter. It is because of the fact that he knows everything about the opposition as well as their secret plan against Kaido and Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date, Spoilers and Manga Scans
One Piece 979 Release Date, Spoilers and Manga Scans

There have been rumors that Kanjuro might not hand handover Momonosuke to the Shogun of the Wano Country. He might experience a change of mind. Some are thinking that he would let Kaido and Orochi know what he has learned about the opposition alliance so they could be ready to bear the attack and for the counter-attack.

As of now, we can only speculate about what’s coming next in One Piece 979. In the latest scans, we can check that the previous leak about Kanjuro going to Hiyori and not to Onigashima is false. It appears as if the plan of Kanjuro will be revealed in the upcoming segment of the popular manga series.

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date

Besides Kanjuro, the scans answer the question of why Kaido wants to see the Flying Six. It’s because he wants to showcase the strength of the team in front of Big Mom. We also get to know that the Tobi Roppo has been given the task of finding the son of Kaido.

After finding him, a chance would be given to them to challenge the Calamities for a set in the All-Sar. And, according to the scans, Big Mom will be featured donning a Kimono. It will release on Mother’s Day 2020. Kaido’s son will be revealed in the upcoming chapter to be released on Sunday.

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