Online Gambling on the Rise in Australia

Online Gambling on the Rise in Australia
Online Gambling on the Rise in Australia

According to a newly released investigation, the remote gambling rate in Australia has surged to record levels. The investigation, which took two years to complete, revealed that more and more Australians are becoming more comfortable with remote gambling, using their computers, smartphones, and tablets to play casino games or place bets online.

The investigation, entitled the Second National Survey of Interactive Gambling in Australia, was conducted by Central Queensland University (CQU) researchers, using funds from their partner Gambling Research Australia (GRA).

The report analyzed data from over 15,000 participants in Australia.
The report analyzed data from over 15,000 participants in Australia.

A key finding in the report was that 17.5% of the participants reported having placed a remote wager in the last two years. This figure is 8.1% higher than the participation rate observed two years ago. In 2019, the overall gambling rate was 56.9%, a decline from 64.3% in 2010.

Based on the study, the typical Aussie online player enjoys a wide variety of gambling games. He is also more likely to be young and male, highly educated, and in a relationship. Online gambling websites such as have seen a tremendous positive impact as a result of events that have occurred in previous 2 years

The GRA, a collaborative partnership group of Australian government units, praised the conclusion of the report. The GRA stated that the report is the first national study to investigate the harms of gambling not only for the gamblers themselves, but also for their family and friends.

According to the GRA, they hope that the results of the study will be used to serve as the backbone of Australia’s consumer protection and gambling policy measures, specifically concerning how authorities plan to impose safety protocols to prevent problematic gambling behaviors.

The GRA’s statement also stated that the national framework will help update Australia’s consumer protection rules with evidence-backed policies that can be implemented consistently across the country’s states and territories.

Currently, the national framework has 10 consumer protection rules that were drafted to minimize the impact of gambling harms on punters and their loved ones.

High-Speed Internet, New Bets, Ads Contribute to Gambling Rates

Professor Nerilee Hing, a member of the CQU’s Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory, issued an official press release to cover the salient findings of their study.

Hing noted that 10.1% of the participants purchased an online lottery ticket in the last two years, making it one of the most popular types of gambling among online punters.

Horse racing was also popular, garnering bets from 5.9% of the participants. Sports betting, on the other hand, was close by, with 5.8% of the participants reporting having made a sports bet in the last two years.

Offshore casinos also became more popular during this time. The report revealed that 47.1% played at an offshore casino in 2019, nearly twice the 25.8% rate observed in 2014.

According to Hing, the recent surge in online gambling in Australia can be traced back to several factors.

The surge in online gambling activity is a result of the internet being more commonly used, especially by younger people, she said, as well as an increase in advertising and promotion of remote gambling opportunities.

Hing also noted that several new betting options, such as multi-bets, enticed more players online, where dozens of gambling games can be accessed, such as loot boxes, fantasy sports, and e-sports betting.

Problem Gambling Remains an Issue

The report also revealed that 9.1% of the respondents faced harm from their gambling, roughly double the rate for players at land-based casinos. 6% also reported having been harmed by another person’s gambling.

Moreover, the report also stated that 1.23% of respondents were problem gamblers, which represents more than double the rate obtained in 2010-2011. This figure includes both online and brick-and-mortar players.

It is believed that the higher problem gambling rate for online players is mainly due to brick-and-mortar players sticking to land-based casinos and sportsbooks, while online players generally have several gambling platforms in use at any given time.

Australia is home to one of the most active gambling communities in the world. Beneath the fun, however, is a lurking problem gambling issue that appears to be increasing with each passing year.

Anti-gambling advocates have long pushed for stronger controls against gambling companies, especially their marketing campaigns.

Despite moves from the national government to curb problem gambling, such as a prospective credit card gambling ban, advocates have been alarmed by the constant growth in gambling, which has been driven by the proliferation of online platforms.

The near-doubling in the number of Australians who gamble online, coupled with a higher problem gambling rate among this group than their land-based counterparts have spurred advocates to call for stronger action.

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