Pakistan Concern Over Indian Extremism

The recent bearings in India by the “extremists organization” seem to have become so strengthy that it has started to spread across the world and this time it has a backlash from Pakistan.

Many Indians and Indians organizations have been showing concern over this extremism which began with banning Musical maestro Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali and then moved on to target many other Pakistani celebrities.

Pakistan Concern Over Indian Extremism

The two parties withhold political extremists ideologies are Shiv Sena and RSS, such ideologies have been fulminated with opposition and response by many in social media, by posting photographs holding posters “India-Pakistan good will that the people hold towards each other”, along with condemning these acts and protests on all over.

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This time, its Pakistan showing its concern over the same. At a media briefing in Islamabad on Friday, Pakistan’ foreign office spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said, “we have also expressed concern on disruption of the function of prominent Pakistani personalities and artists scheduled in India, by Indian extremists organization”.

Pakistan Concern Over Indian Extremism
Pakistan Concern Over Indian Extremism

The strongest statement here was “we expect the international community to take note of it”.

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It shows this time things are reaching a different level of its bearing.

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