Rajinikanth’s Kabali Leaked: Rajinikanth’s Kabali slaughtered by piracy knights.

Rajinikanth’s Kabali Leaked: And it happens again, Rajinikanth starring movie “Kabali” is reported to be leaked online. The flick is nearby it releasing date, but the recent reporting point that the flick is already available for download.

Check: Kabali’s brand partner is Emami.

Recent citing’s read that the active links are available that promise the full version of the flick available for download. Since the hoax, the makers of the movie has tried to suppress the news. They want to keep the matter as quiet as possible. Even the team requested the Rajini’s fans to not to opt for the leaked version.

“Kabali” teams has been on its toes regarding the news, as recently “Great Grand Masti” also underwent the same happening. What happened further is what might tense the “Kabali” makers also.

Rajinikanth's Kabali Leaked
Rajinikanth’s Kabali Leaked

“Great Grand Masti” went to become one of the biggest nightmares of the Indian Box Office. Due to leak, the flick was not even able to make a handsome opening day Biz. Thus the losses incurred are too heavy.

Rajinikanth’s Kabali Leaked

To avoid a similar fate for “Kabali”, the makers made their plea. Though the leaked version is said to be available only on the dark web. Dark web refers to the sites that are not normally accessible by the users and requires some configurations and special browsers to log on to.

Pahlaj Nihalani CBFC chief said in one of his reports, that their office in Mumbai has nothing to do with the leak of the movie “Kabali”. Further clarifying his statement he added- as the flick was censored in the Chennai, it is clear from his side that CBFC had no intermediary role in any of the leaks that happened regarding the “Kabali” flick.

He also gave a steaming statement that read – the films featuring the iconic stars aren’t much affected by any such pre-release leaks.

One of the sources linked to the production said-“We have contacted the concerned authorities to inactivate the unauthorised links to the film”. Also trying to keep the matter hushed to prevent further download of the leaked version.

Rajinikanth's Kabali Leaked
Rajinikanth’s Kabali Leaked

Rajinikanth’s film “Kabali” was to hit theatres on 22nd July, but the Madras High Court’s Anti-piracy ruling has been deceived. The flick is reported to be available for download online hours before its release on Friday.

It was some days before on 15th July that Madras High Court banned around 169 service providers from making the movie available by unfair means. It also ruled out the Cable TV operators, buses, and taxis from screening the movie.

“Kabali” – directed by Pa Ranjith features Rajnikanth as a Malaysia-based don, also starring Radhika Apte. The flick has been involved with some high-profile promotions and marketing strategies, thus partnering with brands like Airtel and Air-Asia.

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