Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016: Kokila gives her jewelry to Gopi to start her new business

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016: Kokila said to Gopi that she believed on lord Krishana that he would show the way to her. Kokila came into temple and prayed to God that he always supported her in her life now gave support to Gopi. Kokila closed her eyes suddenly a chain drop in her lap. Kokila became happy to see this.

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Kokila said thanks to God to show her a way. Kokila went to Gopi and said her to come with her. Kokila took the Gopi in front of lord Krishana’s Statue. Kokila said to Gopi that she knew very well that she never lie in front of God so told her that was she believed on God or not.

Vidhya suddenly wake up. Sharvan asked to Vidhya what happened. Vidhya said that she never sleep without Priyal. Vidhya said to Shrvan that Priyal never sleep without her cheeku. Vidhya said she would give Cheeku back to Priyal. Priyal woke up and said to Meera that she went to her mom.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016

Meera said that her mom dad was not at home so sleep there. Priyal slept. Vidhya knocked Meera’s door. Meera opened the door. Vidhya asked about Priyal. Meera said that Priyal was sleeping. Vidhya said that she took her cheeku because she never slept without it. Meera took it. Vidhya left from there.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016 Written Updates

Meera gave the Cheeku to Priyal. Priyal became happy and hugged Meera. Meera evilly smiled. Gopi said to Kokila that God snatched all her happiness. He broke all her family so she did not trust on him anymore. Her home became house due to him where no one loved any other.

Kokila said to Gopi that she thought wrong. God always supported her. She said to Gopi that Krishana gave her a hint to solve her economic problem. Kokila said to Gopi to wait for some time. Kokila left from there and came after some time. She said to Gopi that she took her jewelry.

She said that the chain drop in her lap due to which she got a hint. She gave jewelry to Gopi. Gopi said she couldn’t take this. Kokila said if she would not accept it then she thought that she did not trust on her. Gopi agreed to take jewelry.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016

Kokila said she took the jewelry in lord Krishna’s feet and burnt akhand jyot. Kokila burnt the Diya Gopi also helped her. Gopi said that she trust on her. Kokila said she was very happy today. Pridhi listened all this. She came to Jigar and told all this to Jigar. Pridhi said to Jigar that they must do something.

Jigar said what he could do. He knew Gopi very well. Once she decided to do something then nobody could stop her. Vidhya took breakfast for Meera and Priyal. She came into Meera’s room but she did not find them in room. Vidhya was searching Priyal in home.

Meera came into home. Vidhya asked about Priyal. Meera said she went for Priyal’s admission in new school. Gopi called Vidhya. Vidhya told her that Meera admitted Priyal in new English school. Gopi said it was nice then why she was so tensed. Vidhya said that Meera took the Priyal in her new school alone without her permission. Gopi shocked.

  Will Vidhya understand Meera’s plan?

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