Sachin Who? After Maria Sharapova This Time It’s British Airways Being Trolled By Twitteratis

New Delhi: Britain is in News with the omnipresence of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, creating a tattle around the world. wherein, in contingency British airways has started getting in the news because of its callous “don’t care” attitude and the obtuseness of the representatives of British airways.

It is quotidian for laypeople to wait long when one loose stuff while baggage at the airports to get it back. this time it is the British airways who is in the limelight for the same yet not so same reason, this time, to loose luggage is not just ‘someone’ but the cricket star Sachin Tendulkar. The anger started when on Friday, ‘master blaster’, who was in States for ‘ All star cricket’ match series recently had to face the problems with the British airways.

Sachin Tendulkar's Fans get together against British Airways
Sachin Tendulkar’s Fans get together against British Airways on asking his full name.

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Sachin’s tweet read that, he was Angry Disappointed and Frustrated with services provided by British airlines, Family member’s Waitlisted ticket not confirmed despite seats being available, pledging not to travel again via British airways he said, his luggage being tagged by British airways to a wrong destination, #neveronBA, he wrote.

Things were fine until British airways re-tweeted in response to Sachin Tendulkar’s post which read, “We’re sorry to hear this Sachin, could you please DM us your baggage ref, full name and address so we can look into this for you?”

Asking for Sachin’s full name has put BA (British-airways) in a big trouble.It wasn’t too long when Sachin’s fans picked up on this, and started slamming The British airways over the same. Looks like they would be ripped off in every possible way.

the tweeter is trending with trolls over Britsh airways: 

Looks like for the tough that time Sachin had to go through with British airways, his fans would revenge BA for it, so that from next time onwards people would think before asking Sachin’s full name or at leats not question dignified Indian luminaries like Sachin over their identities in future.

This is for the second time; a brouhaha has happened regarding Sachin’s identity, last year in month of july, it was Maria Sharapova who was targeted by Sachin Tendulkar’s fans all over the world, after her statement, ‘she doesn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar is’.

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