Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016: Everyone shock to see vanvasi avtaar of Bharat

Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016: Sita heard a voice of crying. She searched for who was crying .She saw a little boy was crying. The boy saw Sita and came out. The boy threw a stone in the sky to hit a big bird. The bird came down to attack Sita.

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Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016
Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016

Sita shocked to see the bird. As the bird came near the Sita Ram came there and shot the bird with an arrow. Ram asked Sita what she was doing there. Sita said that she listened the boy was crying, she came there to see the boy.

Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016 Written Updates

The boy hugged Sita, Sita said to boy don’t worry he was safe now. Sita asked the boy what he was doing there. The boy said that he lived into the Ashram. He was a student of a Rishi. He also told that the big bird also attacked Ashram and took the people away. Laxman came there; the boy scared to see the Laxman and hugged Sita.

Urmila asked Bharat what was he doing. Bharat said sorry to her and said that he was the culprit of Ram and Sita and her also. He also said to her that she could give him any punishment, He would accept it.

Urmila said to him that he had not done any mistake. Bharat asked her why she did not stop Laxman to go to Vanvas with Ram and Sita, this showed how great she was. Bharat said to Urmila that she was great because she accepted the separation from her husband.

Urmila started crying and said she had given a promise to Laxman that she would never create hurdle in his way of Dharam towards Ram, so she did not stop him. Bharat holds hand in front of her and left.

Laxman said to Sita that he did not fulfill his duty to protect her so forget him. Laxman said that he went to made slippers for them. Sita said don’t feel sorry, she was fine. Ram asked to boy to tell the way of Ashram. The boy said that Ashram was very far. Laxman took the boy on his shoulder and walked forward.

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Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016
Siya Ke Ram 10th April 2016

Sumanta said to Guru Vashisth that this was a bad time for Ayodhya. Gurudev said that Bharat must accept his duty towards the Rajya and Parja. Bharat came there in Sanyasi clothes. Everyone shocked to see him.

Guru Vashisth asked Bharat that why did he had worn tapasvi clothes. Bharat said that he did not live in this Raj Bhavan so he had decided to stay in a hut and live a life of a sanyasi. Shtrughan said that he was doing wrong; it’s his duty to take care of Ayodhya.

Bharat said that he would always fulfill his all duties but he wanted to fulfill his wish first time in life was it not right. Shtrughan said Ram had given him this duty so he must complete this duty. Shtrughan said that Ram gave a big example of selflessness and their ancestors gave their life to fulfill duties. Bharat said that if he would live more in Raj Bhavan then he would become mad.

Bharat said that every corner of Raj bhavan shouted on him and said that he was the murderer of his father and responsible for his brother’s vanvas. Shatrughan said enough to Bharat and said that if he would not fulfill his duties then Rival rajya could attack on

Ayodha and this would be bad for them. Kaushyla and Sumitra came there. Ram, Sita and Laxman moved forward. They saw a volcano. The boy said that the Ashram was behind the volcano but there were many difficulties in the way.

Will Bharat agree to stay in Rajbhavan?

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