Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016: Ram and Laxman met with an old lady

Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016: Ravan said he would become happy when he would marry with Sita. He said it would be a big win for him to marry with that woman. Kaiki said to him that if Mandori’s word became true then Sita would be the reason of Lanka’s destruction.

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Ravan shouted No, it would never happen. She asked him that how it would happen? Ravan said to her that Sita believed in Ram only and if Ram would not remain alive then she would do the same which he wanted. She asked him what he would do now.

Ram shouted Sita. Laxman said to him to take rest but he was running. Some monkeys looked at them. They saw that they were going to Rishi’s mountain. They went to inform Sugreev about it. Sugreev was talking to Samvanth. He said to him that Bali could send someone there to kill him.

Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016
Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016

Samvanth said to him not to worry. The monkeys reached there and told Sugreev that the two warriors were coming towards them. Sugreev said they would surely send by Bali. Hanumaan said to him that he would go there and find out all the information about them.

Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016 Written Updates

Ram and Laxman were walking in the jungle. They saw a hut and went there. They saw an old lady there. They said to her that they wanted to go in South direction and asked her the way. The lady saw Ram and became emotional.

She said to him that she was waiting for him since many years and now her life would be blessed to saw him. She invited them to come inside and took food. Ram said to her that they could not come because they have to reach south soon.

She cried and said she was a Bheel and no one wanted to meet with her. Ram said to her Maa. She got happy. They went inside the hut. The lady took some berries and tasted them. She found some berries were sour. She tasted it and gave the sweet berries to Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016

She said to Ram that she had not much food for him and she tasted it because she did not want to give him sour berries. Ram said to her that it was his luck to it that and he ate the berries. Laxman showed hesitation to eat them.

Ram said to the lady that they got blessed to meet with her and by eat the berries. She said she was glad that they accepted her invitation to came inside and blessed her. Raam said to her that her life would be an example for all humanity. She became happy to hear it.

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