Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016: Hanuman meets with Ram and Laxman in Sadhu Vesh

Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016: Ram said goodbye to the old lady. The old lady gave the blessing to them. They left from there. Sita was sat under the tree. She was remembering Ram. Suddenly Ravan’s lady doot came there and gave a gift to her. She said that after seeing that gift she would believe that Raavan was the strongest in all the world.

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She showed her the gift. It was Ram’s cutting head. Sita shocked to see that. The lady thought that their plan was going to succeed. But after some time Sita became normal. The lady said to Sita that which kind of lady she was. After seeing her husband’s cutting head, she had no reactions.

She asked her if she did not care for her husband. Sita said to her that she was sure that it was fake head and it was a magic only. She believed that Raavan could not kill Ram. She said that she always thought that Ram was coming towards her.

Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016
Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016

Ram and Laxman were in their way. They were moving. Hanuman saw them and asked to himself why he was getting emotional to see them. He said that he had to focus on his objective and had to identify them. He said that he had to change his form to identify them.

Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016 Written Updates

The lady said to Sita that it was Lanka which was Ravan Nagari. She said that no one could enter into or leave from there without Raavan’s permission. Sita said that she had faith in Ram and no magic could affect Ram. Sita said that she was sure that her Ram would come there and escape her from there. The lady said that she was saying that as she was her husband.

Hanuman stopped Ram and Laxman. He was in Sadhu vesh. Ram became happy to see him. Parvati said to Lord Shiva that today he was in his Rudhar roop. It was their milan time now. It would be a pleasure. Lord shiva that it took a lot of time and hard work to meet with Lord Ram.

Hanuman said to Ram and Laxman that they were looking kind hearted. They were looking like devtas. He said that he want to know their identity. So he said to please give him their Identities. Ram said to Hanuman it looked like he was waiting for them for a long period of time.

Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016
Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016

He said to Hanuman to give his complete identity. Parvati said to Lord Shiva that it was good to see them. She said that they both were asking their identities. Lord Shiva said that Lord Ram was trying to see reality to Hanuman.

Hanuman said to Ram that he was a simple sadhu which often worship his god. Now he said to tell him their identities. Laxman said to Hanuman that they were searching for Vanarraaj Sugreev. Hanuman thought if they had sent by Bali.

Will Hanuman recognize his lord Ram.

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