Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016: Mantra gets success to make Keikeyi against Ram’s raj tilak

Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016: Ram and Sita were talking, Ram told Sita that there is some relation between them before the marriage. Ram told Sita I think about you when I saw the cloth you tied at horse’s wound.

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Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016

Sita said I know you put that cloth safe, I see the cloth on horse’s neck in Vishwamitra’s ashram, I always wish to meet you once in life. She says when I and my sister are leaving the ashram I was waiting to see you. Ram said I came there to meet you but you leave the ashram at that time I am late.

Kaikeye slaps Mantra but Mantra says no one can stop her today, Mantra said you are like my daughter; I can’t see you to becoming a Dassi. Mantra said Dasharath always try to make Ram as a king even in plays also.

He could not see Bharat become king and wear crown even in play if  Bharat wears the crown Dasharath removes the crown. Mantra said why Ram’s raj tilak is happing when Bharat are not here, why Dasharath decides to make Ram’s raj tilak in one night, why he did not wait for Bharat.

Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016 Written Updates

Its Dasharath’s plan to send Bharat away from Ayodhya and to do Ram’s rajtilak in his absence. Ram said Sita a new adhyay is starting as I become the king then raj dharm is more important for me than any other relation, so before becoming the king I want to tell you that I have more love and respect for you in my heart and this will never change.

Ram said Sita that you asked me about bhu vivah(many marriages) , I answer you No, Sita say do you remember that. Ram said I remember everything and all the moment I spend with you is memorable for me. Ram says now I will told you that I will have only one wife Sita, and hugs her.

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Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016

Kaikeye said Mantra to stop now Mantra said I am telling you this because I love Bharat and I did no see Bharat become Ram’s Dass. Kaikeye starts to cry and leaves.

Ravan shot the agni shatr to kavach’s palace, the palace started burning, Kavach says sorry to Ravan and ready to do a deal with Ravan. Ravan smiles and shots another arrow which gives the rain and blown the fire.

Ravan said that he wants magical power like him, Kavach says it is not easy to get all these magical power. He told Ravan that if he wants the power the he must do a yug(anushtaan) and if he succeed he will get all the power.

Ravan does the yug. Kavach chanted some magical word and two fire rings entered into ravan’s body and Ravan got all the power. Ravan starts to smile and said to Malyvan now he will defeat the Indra and make him his servant.

What will keikeye do now to stop Rajtilak? Stay tuned for further updates.

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