Siya Ke Ram 20 January 2016: When Raavan Could Not Lift The Shiva Dhanush

Siya Ke Ram 20 January 2016: The Show began with everyone in the assembly horrified with Raavan’s ten heads. Sunaina is scared while Sita consoles her by holding her hands. Raavan lost in his ego and power is lifting the Dhanush with full force all kinds and people of the kingdom are at the edge of their seats overwhelmed by Raavan’s powers thinking maybe he would pick up the Dhanush. Sita doesn’t loose her faith, instead, she closes her eyes. While Mahadev and Parvathi are taking a look at the incident eventually Raavan looses his grip on the Dhanush and it falls back on the platform.

Mithila is in thundering, and the palace is full of laughter condemning Raavan. Sita opened her eyes. Raavan is embarrassed and shocked while threatens people to laugh over his face by calling others cowards.

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Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016
Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016

Janak apologises on behalf of others for laughing over him and asks Raavan to calm down.

Raavan doesn’t stop as he starts to blame Janak for keeping all in dark, and not revealing the fact that Sita is not his daughter but he got her from the land. Nobody Knows Sita’s reality he said. Sita gets up but Sunaina stops her. Kushadhwaj cries out ‘Lankesh’ while Janak takes over by softy showing Raavan a picture of reality telling him ‘Not to feel ashamed on not being able to lift the Dhanush, but also tells him that he has no right to say anything about his daughter or insult the Swayamvar’.

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Siya Ke Ram 20 January 2016 Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram 20 January 2016

Raavan confirms f Janak wants him to accept his failure, sure because nobody can fulfill the condition to marry Sita, as this condition was misleading, or else he would have lifted the Dhanush, claiming that he lifted Kailash Parbat, and he is the biggest devotee of Mahadev, hence he would have picked up the Dhanush as per Mahadev’s wish.

 Parvathi asks Shiva reason for Raavan’s failure to which he says that ‘Raavan is his true devotee but he considers his ego his devotion, Ram will surely break his ego’.

Siya Ke Ram 20 January 2016

Sunaina s heartbroken thinking her daughter won’t get married, Sita runs to Janak when she watches him cry, she feels guilty that because of her Janak had to bear so much insult. The house turns into a chaos when every prince emphasises and demands that swayamvar not be held closed while all finally decide that they will compete and the most powerful will be chosen as Sita’s groom while Janak dismisses the suggestion saying Mithila never promotes battles and requests to end the sabha.

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Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016

Meanwhile, Vishwamitra enters there will surely be a battle, they will have to battle out with two princes. Ram enters after Vishwamitra, who introduces him to all. Everyone is put to Shock.

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