Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016: Luxman gets ready in Vanvasi dress to go with Ram

Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016: Sita wants to take permission for Vanvas. Ram said to Sita that he is always with her. Ram said that he will give permission to go with him. She smiles. Praja talks that it is a big injustice happened in Ayodha. One man says that its Kaikeyi who had done this injustice. An old man says how Kaikeyi can do that. We will oppose Kaikeyi.

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Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016

Ram and Sita come to Kaikeyi’s Kaksh. Ram said to Kaikeyi that we are ready for Vanvas and come there for her blessing. Kaikeyi said to Sita you don’t need to go to Vanvas. She had given Vanvas only to Ram. Sita said when she had met first time to you, you said that you loved Ram most in all your sons and you said to me to support Ram always. So I am doing that.

Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016 Written Updates

Ram said to Kaikeyi not to feel guilty. You saved me from Dharm Sankat. I am very happy with your decision. Bharat deserves the throne. Ram said sorry for the delay to fulfill her wish. Mantra sees all this. A song started to play. Kaikeyi blessed Ram and Sita when they touch her feet. Ram and Sita went out from Kaksh.

Luxman comes there in an ordinary dress. Sita shocked to see the Luxman and asked what this is. Urmilla tells to Sita that Luxman will also go with them. Sita said it is wrong. Sita said to Ram to understand Luxman. Luxman said that he has taken permission from Ram. No one can stop him. Sita said to Urmilla why you did not stop Luxman . Urmilla said it’s her duty to support her husband’s decision. Sita said to Urmilla how he can live alone for 14 years. Sita said to Urmilla that you are doing a big sacrifice and hugs her.  

Mantra said to Kaikeyi that you forget the real motive to send the Ram to Vanvas. Kaikeyi said to her that she did not understand say clearly what she wants to say. Mantra said that their motive to send Ram to Vanvas is that Praja will forget him but Sita is also going with him. So now Praja will consider Ram and Sita’s child as the Warris of Ayodha. She says to do something to secure Bharat’s future.

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Siya Ke Ram 23rd March 2016

Ram, Sita, Luxman and Urmilla went to Dasharath’s room. Kaushlya, Sumitra and Guru Vashist also present there. Sumitra shocked to see Luxman in Vanvasi clothes. Dasharath says Ram… a song started to play. Ram Sita and Luxman touches Dashrath’s feet.

Dashrath see all three are in vanvasi’s clothes. Dashrath shocked to see them. Ram said to Dashrath to take permission for van gaman. Dashrath asked Luxman why you are in vanvasi clothes. Luxman said his birth happened to support Ram.

Then how can he not support him in 14 years Vanvas. Dasharath said to Sita that he always considered her as a daughter. How a father can see his daughter in Vanvasi dress. He had thought that you will stop Ram. But you are also supporting him. Sita started crying.  

What will Kaikeyi do next?

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