Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016: Jawali Rishi tries to stop Ram, Sita and Luxman

Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016: Ram, Sita and Luxman went ahead. Mahadev said that Ram leaves his family and all luxurious things for Dharm protection. He is great. Bharamdev said Ram accept the Vanvas for devta’s good. Salute to him. Praja started crying to see Ram, Luxman and Sita.

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Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016

Praja said to Ram not to go for Vanvas. They sat there. Ram requested to stand up to them. A little boy said to Ram not to go for Vanvas. Ram said to them nothing bad would happen to them in the presence of Bharat. Ram requested them to give the way.

Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016 Written Updates

Jawali Rishi comes there. He asked Ram why he is asking for permission. This is an injustice. You are covering the mistake to fulfill Kaikeyi’s greed. You are making Kaikeyi’s plan succeed.  A woman who demanded this type of wish is not a mother. She is a selfish woman only. You have no need to fulfill her wishes.

Ram said to Jawali sorry to say what he can’t hear anything wrong about his Mata Kaikeyi. He never differentiates between his three Matas. All are equal. Rishi said to Ram everyone dies alone then why you love for any relation. Everything is immortal.

Why are you accepting this difficult life for someone? Ram said to him that this is his duty to fulfill his mother’s wish. Rishi said to Ram be practical and think about your decision. He said that you are able to oppose then why he is accepting this punishment.

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Siya Ke Ram 25th March 2016

Ram said that he knows what you want to say but he knows just one thing. If he will oppose the decision then he will become selfish and if a king is selfish, then Praja also become selfish. Ayodha is the land of Sadachaar. He can’t destroy his father’s prestige. Rishi Jawali says that he is not agreeing with him.  But after talking to you, he thinks that you are right. He respects your decision. You will set an example for other. He said to Praja give way to Ram.

Ravan said to Inder come for a fight. Inder said that he will kill him by his Vajar. One Ravan divided into many Ravans. Inder attacks one Ravan. Then all Ravans disappears except real Ravan. Ravan reminds about Bharamdev’s Vardaan that no Dev can kill him.

Inder again attacks him. But Ravan freezes the Inder. Ravan takes control on all Inder’s power. He almost near to kill Inder. Suddenly Bharamdev comes there and stops Ravan. But is there a need to kill Inder? ,when you already win the world and Inderlok. Go home and give this good news to your family members. Praja said to Ram that if he will go for Vanvas then they all go with him. Ram tries to stop them.

How will Ram stop Praja from going with him?  

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