Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016: Ram tries to make Praja let him go to Vanvas

Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016: Ram, Luxman and Sita went ahead. Sumanta said to Ram that the cart is ready for them. Sit in the cart and he will drop them where they want. Ram said no if we use cart then this will not be right. We are going to Vanvas by giving up all luxurious things. So, they will walk by feet.

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Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016

Bharat said to Aswpati that he wants to go Ayodha. Aswpati asked the reason. Bharat said there is no reason. He is feeling bad. So he wants to go. Suddenly a man comes there as Ayodha’s messenger. He said to Bharat and Shtrugun to return Ayodha very soon. Shatrugun asked the reason. What happened there? The messenger said that he has no permission to say anything. Bharat said that they will come soon.

Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016 Written Updates

Ram said to Praja to return their home. An old man says that they will not return to home. They will go with him. Sita requested to them let them go to Vanvas to complete their duties. A lady said that Ram is their king, so they will go with Ram.

Ram said no, he is not king. Bharat will become the king of Ayodha. Bharat is also like me. So accept Bharat as their king. A man said if they see Bharat on the throne, then they remember about Ram’s sorrow. Ram said that it’s his duty to go to Vanvas.

His ancestors did Tpasya for many years to bring the Ganga on the earth. Then why we can’t do Tpasya for 14 years. An old man says that they will not hear his words. Sumanta said Maharaja had ordered him to take Ram back to Ayodhya and Praja also want that. Ram said its evening time we will go tomorrow morning with him.

Ravan returned to Lanka. Malyawan said to meet his mother first. Ravan goes to meet his mother. Kaikesi welcomed him by doing the blood tilak on him. She said to Ravan that he had taken revenge from Inder. She is happy that he is her son.

Mandodri comes and said to Ravan why he killed his sister’s husband, Vidyutjeeva. Ravan said that Vidyutjeeva is himself responsible for his death. It’s Vidyutjeeva’s plan to marry with Surpankha to take revenge from him.

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Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016

Mandodri said Ravan tell the story to Surpankha. Ravan tells Surpankha the same story. But Surpankha did not believe. She said to Ravan that he had made her widow and starts crying. Surpankha said to kill her also. Ravan shouts and takes his sword and said that he don’t want to live more if his sister hates him. She said to Surpankha to kill him. Surpankha says no, it’s me who deserves to be killed.

Malyawan comes there and said stop this. Surpankha said that she can’t live without Vidyutjeeva. Malyawan told everything which happened in Danvaklok between Ravan and Vidyutjeeva. Surpankha shocked and said that she wants to live alone. Malyawan and Ravan leave.

Luxman said to Ram how they will make Praja return their homes. Sita said it’s impossible to make the Praja return their homes. All the Praja is sleeping now it’s time to leave.

Will ram be agreed with Sita?

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