Siya Ke Ram 29th December 2015 Episode Written Updates – Star Plus: Sita Tried to See Ram

Siya Ke Ram 29th December 2015: Ram and Sita look in each other’s eyes, this is how the episode starts. At the same moment, Laxman sees an Asur and follows him to kill. Ram asks Laxman to stop and runs after him. The Asurs start disappearing as seen by Ram. He spots Asur and an arrow is being shot by him. He asked Laxman not to go. To catch the Asur, Laxman jumps down the cliff. Vishwamitra saved Laxman. Sita talked to her sisters.

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Siya Ke Ram Written Episode
Siya Ke Ram Written Episode

“Asur powers are not killed like this”, says Vishwamitra. “This is the jungle and you have to abide by some rules. Both of you have to fulfil a big duty and I have the duty to protect you. One mistake and it’s gone!” Ram apologised. Laxman said, “No, it’s my mistake, I followed Asur, Bhaiya tried to stop me.”

Vishwamitra said that it’s time to practise. In reply, Ram said that they are ready for it. The mountain was climbed by Sita and her sisters to see Ram. Sita saw Vishwamitra having a talk with Ram and Laxman. Urmila got horrified and said that they should go back. Then, Ram shooted an arrow at the clouds.

Siya Ke Ram 29th December 2015 Written Updates

Subahu and Mareecha inform Tadka that they got to know about the ashram. Tadka replied she will keep an eye on her enemies. Vishwamitra told Ram and Laxman that the best warrior is one who does not looses his patience and has a control over his mind and emotions. “And practise is necessary for this”, he added.

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Siya Ke Ram 29th December 2015
Maharaj Dashrath

He said that both of them will learn balavidya from him which will increase their bal/powers and bear hunger and thirst. Moreover, it will purify the heart and mind. He started teaching them by performing the rituals. Janak had a talk with Rishi and he discussed the birth of Sita. He said many people came to bless and see Bhoomija. Janak added, “but I am worried for her marriage, she has three sisters, if she won’t marry her sister will also not marry.”

Rishi assured him by saying that there will be her life partner in this world too. Ram and Laxman were seen enchanting mantras. Vishwamitra blessed them. Janak enquiried that how will he find him. Rishi reminded him the words of Parshuram. He said that the time has come to organise the Swayamvar and invite all the Rajyas. Janak asked will the competition be for lifting the Dhanush and decide the deserving guy for his daughter.

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Siya Ke Ram Written Updates
Star Plus

Rishi said gently that it will not be just a competition, that’s the Divya Dhanush, who is away from anger, violence, jealousy, hatred and whose heart is like Sita’s, who values Sita. Janak says, “I can’t decide this big thing for Sita, I am worried and afraid how will I tell this to Sita.” Shathanand told him that the Kushadhwaj send him the message that Asurs may attack the ashram, so he took army there. He told that he will take all the girls back. To all this Janak is very much worried.

Sita and her sisters threw stones in the river and laughed. Urmila asked Sita about the secret. Sita replied, “I threw stones with love, love is magical, and to see the nature.” Urmila gets surprised and asked her how is this possible. Sita told her about Lord Shiva and Mahadev. Vishwamitra gave his chakra powers to Ram and Laxman. A light circle is formed around them. All the weapons are named by Vishwamitra as they appeared in the air. Ram and Laxman prayed and Vishwamitra blessed them.

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