Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016: Raja Dasharath declares Ram next heir of his throne, Mantra feels that Kaikeyi is cheated

Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016: Ram and Sita move towards Sabha whereas Sumanta stops Kaushalya from doing the same. Dasharath asks his Gurudev that though he was satisfied with his decision and everyone else also backed it then why some doubts are steaming up. Guru Vashisht explains to him that it’s all fate play and instead of doubting his decision it’s time to act upon his decision.

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Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016

Ram and Sita, they arrive in Sabhagarh and all the present members stand up to pay respect to Ram whereas Ram and Sita take the blessing of Guru Vashisht first and then they greet Dasharath. Raja Dasharath expresses his restlessness and tells them how ancestors handed over the legacy to their sons and also about how Maharaja Raghu handed him to throne and tomorrow he will do the same to Ram and he announces him to next heir to the throne.

Ram gets uneasy listening to the same and says that it is too soon and unexpected. Moreover, he asks about family consent and that the mothers are unaware of the same. Raja Dasharath says that it his decision to choose the next heir and as Ram is his eldest son he is making justice to traditions too. He then asks Ram to accept his decision with teary eyes. Ram comes to him and says that he always will be obedient and will do whatever he wants.

Sumitra is worried about his what Raja Dasharath has been hiding from them by keeping them away from the sabha. Laxman suggests them saying that it might be a war arson about which father is discussing with Ram but Kaushalya stops him saying that if that was so he wouldn’t have called Sita and is worried that he might be taking decision-related to Kaikeyi’s father and that it might jeopardise their family’s unity.

Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016 Written Updates

Then Raja Dasharath addresses Sita saying that being a wife she takes care of her family but after becoming a queen she would have to take care of whole Rajya as her family and be Ram’s strength always. Sita greets her and then they leave.

Indra is performing some yagya and ask Raj Guru to help the king in the same. As soon as Pooja ends the wind starts blowing and Raavan’s chariot is seen in the air. Indra is worried as Raavan had too many powers and it was nearly impossible to win him against him in a dual.

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Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 8th March 2016

But then King assures him not to worry as he was his guest and he will save him. Raavan comes and asks Raja Maruth about Indra saying that Indra is his enemy, not him. Maruth says that Indra is his guest and he will protect him and he ends up getting a harsh beating from Raavan. Then Raj Guru interferes and asks Raavan to spare their king and he can take Indra. Seeing this Indra smirks and disappears living Raavan in fumes.

Here Ram comes and all the left ones which include Laxman, Kaushalya and Sumitra ask him why Dasharath called him. Ram tells them father has decided to do his Rajya Abhishek. Kaushalya and Sumitra rejoice the moment feeling blissful. Mantra overhears Laxman saying that Ram will sit on the throne and feels it be a cheat against Kaikeyi and gets angry. Here Sumitra is happy saying that Ram Rajya will prevail now.

Raavan here in lieu of finding Indra chants some mantras and gets the location of Indra’s hideout and yells that Indra will die definitely. Whereas Mantra smirks that Kaikeyi and Bharat were unaware and that it was all against them and that all of them are in it and will pay for it.

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