Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016: Raj Tilak ceremony of Ram adheres, Dasharath faces Kaikeyi

Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016: Ram shares his feelings with Sita saying that he has mixed feelings regarding Dasharath’s decision of making him heir to his throne. He says that Dasharath made this decision by his inner desires and fears and not by his dhram and pratha.

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Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016

Sita suggest him that he is confused now and in such state one must follow his Dharm, and its Ram’s dharm to obey Dhasharath. But Ram is concerned if his deeds would do harm anyone. Sita admires him and says that it is his biggest quality that he cares for everyone and this is the sole reason for his and his family’s respect and honor.

Ram would have accepted the decision if Bharat and Shatrughan were present there. Then Sita suggests that they both will go ask Kaikeyi about her views regarding the same. Guru Vashisht arrives there and calls Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016 Written Updates

Mantra curses Ram and warns that their bad fortune has begun. Here Ram along with Sita wish Guru Vashisht.Guru Vashisht tells them that they have very less time for rituals of Raj tilak so he ask them to wear the clothes he brought and then go with him. He says that whatever is happening is happening according to fate and they must just move with it.

Here Mantra goes into Kaikeyi’s kaksh and throws the vase angrily causing Kaikeyi to wake up cautiously. Mantra tells her that all her dreams broke and hard work went in vain and she is sleeping here. Mantra tells her about all the happenings and Kaikeyi is astonished listening to all this.

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Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016

She leaves in fumes and goes. Mantra in her thoughts of how will now Dashararth succeed in his plans. Here Raavan follows Indra calling him a coward. He finally catches Indra and warns him that he has no right to sit on the Swarg throne and should accept his defeat well in time.

Indra is worried as he can not win against him in a dual and if he is defeated then Raavan will become King of Swarg which he cannot let happen.So he tries to escape and impersonates as a peacock and gets in the flock. Raavan burning in fumes yells he won’t forgive him now.

Raavan says that He can’t be Swarg’s Swami until he kills Indra and later Hawk Shuk comes to Raavan and wishes him. Shuk tells him that he was not able to find Indra anywhere. Raavan orders him to find Indra anyway.Indra smirks listening to this and thanks to all peacocks. He says that they helped him so he blessed them that they will be called most pure birds on the earth from today and then disappears.

Pandits continue with the pooja. Ram and Sita along with Laxman and Guru Vashisht sit there. Guru Vashisht does the rituals with Ram and Sita. He tehn begins the Rak tilak Sanskaar. Kaikeyi walks to Dasharath fuming.Guru Vashisht tells Ram that after this Raj Crown can be worn whereas the significance of promises.

Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016

Guru Vashisht tells him that Sankalp/resolution is such a thing which person makes in heart to always obey and abide by it and in their case they will take care of Ayodhya and it is a sign that they both will serve Ayodhya bay all means and then finally they both will take sankalp to sit on Raj singhasan in front of family and Praja.Guru Vashisht then asks them to go on the lake and after taking a bath there they will begin the parikama.

Kaushalya asks why he did not tell him the good news and Sumitra tells her that they will make the arrangements. Then Kaikeyi comes there. Sumitra says that it is good to end such a beautiful thing is such a hurry. Dasharath says that he was about to tell Kaushalya and then he sees Kaikeyi at the door and gets mum. Kaikeyi comes in and recalls the arguments wiht Dasharath.

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