Siya Ke Ram 28th November 2015: Why Is Ram So Lost?

 Siya Ke Ram 28th November 2015: Why Is Ram So Lost?

Ram lying on his bed is recalling that girl child’s statue he saw on Kaushalya mother’s bed while Bharat and other brothers are missing Guru Vashishth Ashram’s natural environment in their palace saying they are feeling ‘suffocated’. Ram as a solution gives them ‘Ashram’s clothes’ takes them to the roof where they are feeling the breeze and lying under the open sky and stars.

All the boys wake up with music and prayers, which is played every morning to wake up the King as a ritual in Ayodhya.

Sumitra and Kaushalya come in search of the Princes, who tell them, they were searching them throughout the palace and asks them to get ready for the special day: ‘Praja Darshan’; where Praja (people) comes forward once in a month to present their problems in front of the king.

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ChandraBhaga is sad and does not want to eat food missing her husband Kushaldhwaj while Mandavi and Shrutkirti question them when will their father come back. Sita asks them to imagine their father winning the battle. after which the girls feel happy.

 Siya Ke Ram 28 November 2015: Why Is Ram So Lost?
Worried ChandraBhaga as Kushaldhwaj is on a battle.

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From the balcony, the boys see that a woman of a lower caste was not allowed to join the others from upper caste. they talk about how different the kingdom’s functioning is from Guru Vashishth’s ashram where all are the same. Dasharatha says that ‘the ‘Praja darshan’ today will be special to me as I am accompanied by my four sons’.

 Siya Ke Ram 28 November 2015: Why Is Ram So Lost?
Ram at Praja Darshan

the king listens to problems caste wise declares one of his guardsmen while the meeting is held closed after listening to the suggestion of a Brahmin group.

 Siya Ke Ram 28th November 2015

Sita takes her sad sisters to the jungle to show them the golden deer, failing to find one they go back to the palace while Sita is thinking to herself “ One day I will surely see a golden deer”.

 Siya Ke Ram 28 November 2015: Why Is Ram So Lost?
Kaikeyi in Siya Ke Ram

After they are back from ‘Praja Darsha’, Kaikeyi says to Ram, “you look lost and worried since you have come back from Ashram “. Ram impacted by this disparity, goes to Janak to question him, if he has ever been in between his people to their homes to see the conditions they live in to listen to their problems, except the Brahmins or the traders, he said ‘I am talking about the common and the downtrodden in our society’.

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Dasharatha refuses and says, ‘it’s important that a distance is maintained between the King and his people. so as to maintain his dignity, fear and status amongst the people. If King starts to gel with the people then nobody would respect the king. King has to behave similar with all hence, this distance is important’.

Next episode will see a never before known revelation, keep on following us to know what it is.

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