Soccer Rules Update 2022: 8 Updated Soccer Rules You Probably Don’t Know

Soccer Rules Update 2022: 8 Updated Soccer Rules You Probably Don’t Know
Soccer Rules Update 2022: 8 Updated Soccer Rules You Probably Don’t Know

As a soccer fan, you are probably familiar with the existing and old rules of the game. You’re probably so good that you can spot a foul just by looking. Having this knowledge is essential to enjoy the game and not ask your neighbor for the details of every move the players or referee makes in the game. However, banking on what you already know is not advisable, as there are occasional changes and updates to the rules.

Some of the soccer rules that recently got updated in 2022 are concerning the game roster, referee uniforms, and the postgame duties of the referee. The update also touched on the part of video reviews, re-entry after injury, and a few other rules. This change can be a determinant in choosing soccer odds from betting sites if you are a punter.

This article has more updated soccer rules and explains them better. Also, it gives a comprehensive rationale behind every soccer rule update for you to understand why the update was necessary.

Soccer Rules And Updates You Probably Don’t Know

There are many updated soccer rules, but we will take you through just eight of them with an explanation for better understanding. Some of the rules have not been implemented yet until a stipulated time, and when the time comes, they could be responsible for changing the way you view the game.

1. The Referee Uniform Rule

This rule update requires every referee to have a uniform from 2023. It means every referee will have one type of uniform for a game, and the design will be the same.

Rationale: From time immemorial till 2023, when this new rule will get fully implemented, the requirement of referee uniforms was just for it to have the same color. Also, the referee uniform has the same style, making it necessary for officials to use different uniforms for different games. Maybe unnecessary or maybe not – it’s a rule that’s bound to happen.

2. Video Review Policy

The video review rule already exists, but its productivity is not satisfactory. Hence the updates, making it cover the aspect of foul. With this, the referee can see if the foul play was committed in the 18-yard boxes or outside when it happens at a close range.

Rationale: The referee might not see the foul clearly and pronounce a penalty when it’s not. So, for clarity and assurance, he can check the playback video to re-watch the event and make the correct and unbiased decision. It can make the winning or losing difference in online betting.

3. Game Roster Exchange

Usually, the coaches of the competing soccer teams would have the game roster. But, this soccer rule update only allows the scorekeeper to have the roster and not the usual way where the coaches and referees had it too. It could be one of the hardest decisions for the update but making it was necessary.

Rationale: This update is mainly to tame the level at which the game roster gets exchanged for any reason and by anyone. It’s the best way to ensure its safekeeping.

4. Referee Postgame Duties

Before the update, the referee’s signature was required for paper box score verification. However, the rule has changed, as the referee can do the verification.

Regardless, he has to do it visually and verbally, and he doesn’t need any signature to carry out this duty. It gives the referee more power over the smooth running of the game, even if he is answerable to higher authorities.

Rationale: This soccer rule update is valid because it follows the same process as the electronic box scores verification process. The advancement is effective and helpful to the sport.

5. Re-entering the Game After an Injury

This update allows players who get off the field because of injuries without substitution to re-enter and continue the match with the rest of the players.

However, such players must go through the same angle where they got taken out to avoid confusion. Also, the referee has to be aware that they are coming in and permit them to do so to rid the game of confusion or miscalculations.

Rationale: Before this update, when players got removed from the field due to injuries, bringing them back in was mostly a challenge. Most times, the ball would need to go out of play before the change, and it’s a disadvantage to the team of the injured player.

6. Suspended Game Resumption

When a game gets suspended, it must resume with the same scores. Also, the same ball possession statistics, foul statistics, goalpost positioning, and everything else remain the same. Initially, if the game got suspended for 70 minutes and above, the statistics of the game would get registered, as the game was considered concluded.

But, if the game did not get to the 70 minutes mark before it got suspended and is not resumed the same day or the next, it will be nullified. It means whenever the rematch is fixed, both teams will be playing a completely new game except for players who got fined for violence against referees. That’s a grade 2 game violence, and it stays.

Rationale: Restarting a game after playing for up to 50 minutes can be energy-sapping and discouraging to players. It could even lead to injuries, fatigue, and a loss of interest in the game from the players and fans. The update is great.

7. Ejection Rules

The ejection rule involves a penalty of suspension for two games for a player with a violent behavior II red card. So, the new updates have now made biting, spitting, or coughing on an opponent a violent behavior II red card offense.

Rationale: These actions are deadly and hurtful and can transfer diseases to people. Hence, the strict prohibition against them.

8. Hair Adornment

The updated soccer rule does not prohibit hair adornment in the game, even if it’s unnecessary, as long as it won’t interrupt the game.

However, while the rule allows hair adornment, it warns the wearers to make it tight on their heads so that it doesn’t fall off or cause harm to another player.

Rationale: This update is to keep every player safe and away from artificial hurt. Most of those adornments might be worn out of the players’ traditional beliefs, and soccer doesn’t control your beliefs, but it must be done to prevent hurting other players.


Soccer rules keep the game interesting for players, officials, and spectators. This way, the game is tasking and keeps everyone watchful against violence and cheating. Aside from the old rules, there have been some updates in recent times.

Understanding these rules can help you enjoy the game better and give you a bragging right as a fan. Some of the latest updates are in this article, and you can also learn more about them from the bulletins of the authorized bodies.

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