Is Splitsvilla 9 Winner Pre-decided? Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone’s Reality Show’s Winner Seem to be Already Fixed

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner: From the past few installments of the reality shows “Roadies” and “Splitsvilla,” it has been a usual trend that the strong contenders of the former show, land up becoming the finalists of “Splitsvilla”. Going by the facts, Prince Narula went even further than this and ended up in capturing the winning flag for both the reality shows “Roadies X2” and “Splitsvilla 8.”

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Analyzing all the facts, many fans have come to a conclusion that both the series are fixed. Also, if we consider the fact, that both the shows are aired on the same channel and even feature the same host.  The fans consensus of the show being fixed can be considered true.

Now, a heart sinking report that has steamed up in media, that the winners of the season of “Splitsvilla 9” are already decided. The show hit the lines last week and is hosted by Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singha.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner
MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner

Minting the holes, news has spread that Varun Sood and Gurmeet Singh of Ranvijay’s team in Roadies, will be the finalists of the season. Gurmeet and Kavya have been preset to be the winners of the “Splitsvilla 9.”

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner

It is worth mentioning here both Varun and Gurmeet were a part of “Roadies X2” and Gurmeet was also the finalists in the same season. Later the both were part of Ranvijay’s show “Squad Rann.” Also, Kavya was also a strong participant in “Roadies X4.”

While the fan may get fumed at the fact the show is already fixed, a participant of “Splitsvilla 9” also has felt the same. The statements point that the makers have been biased towards Gurmeet and Varun. He said – “Yes, even we felt that the makers gave importance to Gurmeet and Varun, but I am shocked to know that it was pre-decided. It’s unethical on the makers’ part as we have equally put in efforts to win the show,” a contestant of “Splitsvilla 9.”

Not only the rigging, the team of “Splitsvilla 9” even manipulates the tasks and performances so as to decide the winners become hot favourites of the viewers. Inching to the fact of what happened recently – “Gurmeet was initially dumped by one of the princesses, but the ‘Book of Fortunes’ was opened at the same moment and he got saved. One cannot dictate in terms of task performance, but can certainly manipulate scenarios to suit someone’s interest,” another contestant added.

Splitsvilla 9 Winner

However, Lalit Sharma producer of “Splitsvilla 9” has refused any such implications. He said that the show has always been governed by the fair mechanism. People will talk rough and he refused to pay any heat to such talks. Rather he is happy that people are gossiping about his show.

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