Swaragini 23rd March 2016: The mystery breaks, truth about Tania and Kavya hatch

Swaragini 23rd March 2016: Swara arrives at Baadi, sees Tania going somewhere, gets in her car and asks the driver to follow the car. Dadi gets a knock on the door and opens to find Ragini there. She wishes for Swara to succeed in her task and prays to god for the same.

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Swaragini 23rd March 2016
Swaragini 23rd March 2016

Here on the way Swara’s car suddenly stops and she guesses that Tania must have gone to plot no 211. Tania gets down and goes to plot no 211. She meets Kavya there and they hug each other saying that they became friends 15 years ago.

Swaragini 23rd March 2016 Written Updates

On being asked Kavya tells her that she burned the house because her parents were about to mortgaged it. Tania remarks her anger terrorizing and hugs her. But to her surprise, she is stabbed by Kavya. Kavya apologizes to her telling her that they swapped their identities in jail.

A flashback recalling how Kavya changed her identity card with hers. She calls her promise of making her come out of jail, as a part of her plan to get her killed and so following the consequences Laksh will be jailed which will make her revenge successful.

She call herself real Tania now and leaves real Kavya in pain. Swara arrives there and tries to help her. But Tania stops her and Swara asks for help saying that she needs to get answers to some questions.

Then Tania reveals to her the truth that she is real Kavya and all that they did few 5 years ago. She tells Swara that Tania and her brother Karthik fooled her and that she stabbed her because real Kavya has to die and saying this she breathes her last.

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Swaragini 23rd March 2016

Dadi asks Ragini not to leave the house as she was going somewhere. Ragini is wondering about Swara just then Swara arrives and seeing the blood on her hand ask about Tania. Swara tells her everything about changing the identity and all.

Ragini is dazed listening to all thing and ask about real Kavya. Swara tells that Tania killed her to live her life peacefully and now they have to save their family. Swara shares her plan with her but suddenly Shekhar and Sumi arrives there surprising them both.

Swaragini 23rd March 2016

Sumi and Shekhar show their concern for both of them but Ragini says that this is their only chance to save them and a way to pay for her sins. Swara too is concerned but Ragini says that she has to gain their confidence back and only Swaragini can make this happen. They let them go and pray for their success. Swaragini says that they will do anything to save their family at any cost. Sumi asks Shekhar if they were doing right.

Shekhar says that this is their only chance and together no one can defeat them. Swara and Ragini reach police station and shows them the box. Inspector asks what is in it to which Swara replies that it contains laddoos.

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