Tamanna 12th June 2016: Chaurasia sends Dhara a warning letter to threaten the team

Tamanna 12th June 2016: The episode starts with Dhara saying sorry to Varun for not being in contact. She tells him about his coach and team. He asks her to attend coach’s meeting. She says she has to go as Shubhangi is alone.

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Diwakar hears them and says you can attend the meeting as the people there will manage her for one day. She then agrees and smiles. Chaurasia and Bhai Ji sit together for dinner. Chaurasia asks Bhai Ji to see Sanjay as Dhara is jumping because of his support. Bhai Ji says I will do the job this time.

Dhara goes to the meeting and asks them about it. A man tells her that it is here and you can have a meal first. Kulkarni arrives and gets surprised seeing her. She tells him about Bulandganj team and says she is coaching them.

Tamanna 12th June 2016
Tamanna 12th June 2016

He says I am coaching since 3 years to Mumbai. He asks about Roy. She says he has been to London for treatment. He asks her to come and tell everyone about the first timer lady coach. He introduces everyone to Dhara the new lady coach of the team.

Tamanna 12th June 2016 Written Updates

She tells coach Chatterjee about team’s weaknesses. He asks her to elaborate. She innocently starts telling the weaknesses of her team. Chatterjee cleverly asks everything about her team and weak points and Dhara also tells her frankly as Kulkarni hears them.

Chatterjee thanks, Dhara and goes to meet Kulkarni. Kulkarni comes and asks Dhara about what he asked her. She said she told the strong and weak points of her team. Kulkarni says if you are a good coach you should be smart enough.

He says Chatterjee asked all about the weaknesses of your team. She gets shocked and cries. He says the tournament has not started yet so stop crying and start focusing. Mishra asks about the team as Shubhangi sits with Veer to support the team.

Mishra says very well you have to win the cup. Dhara comes there, Shubhangi jumps to hug her. The team goes to meet Dhara. Shubhangi asks as what she brought for her from Delhi. She says I will give you later. She asks the team to work hard to get the cup.

Tamanna 12th June 2016
Tamanna 12th June 2016

Dhara plays at home with Shubhangi. Mridul told that Zeenat has made there for her. Dhara praises her. Mridula tells her that she was very happy regarding the tournament entry. Shubhangi asks as when the baby will grow up.

She says your fingers were small but they have also grown so is the baby. Light goes. Shubhangi gets scared as someone knocks at the door. Sanjay says I will see this. He goes and sees a broken bat and a letter. He see Chaurasia standing at her balcony.

Chaurasia goes seeing him. Dhara reads the letter. Sanjay says calm down I know who is after this and you should focus on the team. Dhara says don’t take any step that does harm to the team. Sameer says she is right, we should take every step carefully.

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