Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016: Yuvi meets his mother with Devika

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016: Twinkle and Kunj were praying. Devika came there. Twinkle saw her and thought about Mahi’s death. She recalled how Mahi came back one day when she was sitting in the garden and how she and Kunj made a plan to trap Yuvi. Twinkle hugged Mahi.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016

Mahi said that she never show her love and always misbehaved with her. Twinkle said to Mahi no need to cry. She has become strong Devika now. She has to take revenge from Yuvi. Kunj said to Mahi that she did an act of Devika very well. Yuvi also believed that she is Devika. Kunj said that Yuvi is so stupid that he is trapped in their trap. They remembered how they trapped Yuvi by giving fake fingerprints to him.

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016 Written Updates

Yuvi came to meet Anita. Anita said that may be Devika is Mahi and it may be her plan to trap him. Yuvi said that her fingerprint did not match with Mahi and her style was also different from Mahi. Mahi said to Twinkle and Kunj that she had got this confidence from them. Old Mahi did not have this confidence. Kunj said to her not to say anything about old Mahi. Old Mahi was best. Twinkle said that she missed old Mahi very much.

Yuvi called Devika and said that he wants to meet with her with his mother. His mother also wants to meet her parents. Mahi said that she would meet his mother alone. If she liked his mother then her parents would also meet with her.

Yuvi said ok. They would meet with her after half an hour. Mahi said no, she could not waste her time. Take appoint first and then meet with her according to time. Mahi ended the call. Anita called her arrogant.

Yuvi said if she wanted her money then she had to bear her attitude. Anita said that she would show her class to Devika. Mahi said to Twinkle that she wants to talk with her Mom and Dad once. Twinkle said to be patient for some time. Once their plan is successful than she could meet her parents.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th April 2016

Anita and Yuvi came to meet Devika in her house. Anita saw Twinkle and Kunj there. Yuvi told her that they were planning her wedding. Anita said that she would not allow them to plan his marriage. They would hire new wedding planners.

Devika came there and asked who was talking loudly like this. She said they could not insult her guests. Yuvi said sorry to her. Anita surprised to see her face exactly like mahi. Anita sat and questioned to her about her son.

Devika said that she would question to them as Yuvi wanted to marry her. Devika insulted their clothes and jewelry. She said if they would mistake her parents in this down market fashion it would be an insult to her parents. Yuvi felt dizzy and Mahi took him away in the guest room. Twinkle also insulted them. Anita left from there.

Yuvi was sleeping. Suddenly he woke up by hearing some noise. He saw a shadow and said Devika. He got afraid.

What will Yuvi do next?

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