Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016: Anita plants a bomb in Kunj and Twinkle’s car

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016: Yuvi knees down and said thanked her for saving his life. He said that he always tried to hurt her but she had saved his life from danger. He had known that she would not believe on him but he was saying truly. He said that he could change himself for her happiness.

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Twinkle said him to stop his drama as he could never change. Yuvi requested her to believe him. He said that she had seen him selfish, rude and mean. But now he would change and would not create any problems in her life.

He said that love is not getting to someone and he would prove his love to her. He started to leave from there. Twinkle got confused. Kunj applied lape on Twinkle’s wounds. Twinkle asked Kunj whether Yuvi had really got changed or he was acting. Kunj said that they know him very well and they can’t trust him.

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016

Anita said to Yuvi that he acted very well. But Yuvi said that he was not acting. He said to her that what would have happened if Twinkle did not save him from the fire. He said that now he would not create any problem in her life.

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016 Written Updates

Anita asked Yuvi that did he forget what they had done with them. Yuvi said that he had remembered everything but it had hurt and pain both the sides. He requested to Anita to accept that change. He left from there. Anita said that she would not be changed Yuvi.

Kunj’s family went to Gurudwara. A man told them that they had arranged a prayer for them. They thought it would be Leela who had arranged the prayer. But Leela came there and told them that she had not arranged the prayer. Kunj said may be someone had arranged the prayer, it did not matter.

They saw Yuvi there washing feet of people entering in the Gurudvarah. Yuvi washed Twinkle’s feet. Twinkle said to Yuvi to stop acting. He said that he was not doing drama but he was living his new life peacefully which he had got from her. He said that he had arranged prayer for her.

Kunj said that let us go inside the Gurudvarah and find the truth. They went inside. Yuvi prayed to Babaji inside. He started to serve food to poor people there. Twinkle said to Yuvi that if he really wanted to change himself then go away from her life and not create any problems in her life.

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016

Yuvi asked her that if she wanted that he would give her divorce papers and she and Kunj would come close again. He said ok he would do that and said to meet with him at 1 P:M at court. He left from there.

Yuvi came outside the house at 12 P:M to go to court. Some goons came there and kidnapped him. Kunj and Twinkle were at the court. Kunj said that he did not think that Yuvi would come there to give her divorce.

It was Anita’s goons who placed Yuvi at the hidden place and tied him to the chair. Anita called him and said that she would not let you do that. He said he had to reach at court till 1p:m. Anita said that they would not accept him even if he became a good person.

The lawyer said to Kunj and Twinkle that it’s 12:45 p:m and he did not think that he would come there. Yuvi saw a knife on the table and moved his chair towards it. He tried to cut the ropes with it. He freed himself from goons.  

He beats all the goons. Anita called him and told him that she had planted the bomb in Kunj’s car. Yuvi went from there on a bike. Twinkle and Kunj after waiting for Yuvi come back from court. They sat in the car. The bomb got activated. Yuvi was still trying to reach to them on the bike.

Will Yuvi save Kunj and Twinkle?           

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