Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016: Twinkle takes Kunj’s sign on Yuvi’s bail paper

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016: Car passed near Kunj but did not hit him. Yuvi said to Twinkle on call that now take the case back against him and ended the call. Leela came to Twinkle and said what happened.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016

Twinkle said that Yuvi said to take the case back against him then he would give blood to Kunj. Leela said Yuvi crossed all his limits. Twinkle said to Leela not to tell all this to Kunj because if Kunj came to know that Yuvi gave blood to him then he would refuse to take blood.

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016 Written Updates

Leela asked what to do next. Twinkle said we would take the case back against him. Leela said if Yuvi came out from jail then he would destroy her life. Twinkle said she was doing all this to save Kunj’s life. Twinkle and Leela went to meet the lawyer.

Yuvi was so happy and sang a song. Yuvi said to Anita that Twinkle sends him to jail after       doing so many efforts now she was doing efforts for his bail. Inspector took him in jail. Yuvi made fun of them.

Kunj came back to home and said he was hungry. He said to babbe to make Parathas for him. Babee said the doctor banned oily food for him so they would give healthy food to him.

Usha said the healthy food was good for his health. Kunj, Babee and Usha came in kitchen Kunj said he would tell them how to make healthy food tasty. They together prepared food. Kunj said happiness was to work together not of things. Babee asked about Twinkle.

Leela said to Twinkle that lawyer said that Kunj’s signature is required on bail paper. Twinkle said she would take the sign of Kunj. Twinkle came home Kunj said that her husband made food. Twinkle ate the food and said the food is very nice. Babbe said her son the was nice chef.

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016

Twinkle came in her room. She mixed the paper in Company’s paper and thought that Kunj would sign these papers without reading. Kunj came there and asked what she was thinking.

Twinkle said that their company got a project so his sign is required. Kunj signed the paper but the pen stopped Twinkle said she would take a new pen. Babee called Kunj and said that his friend had come to meet him. Kunj said to Twinkle to take the pen in the hall. Kunj left with paper.

Twinkle thought that what would happen if Kunj read the paper. Twinkle came in hall Kunj said to her to take some refreshment for Sandy. Twinkle went and took it. Twinkle said to Kunj to sign on the paper but Kunj said to give him some time.

Anita called Twinkle and asked why she did not take bail paper for her son. Twinkle said don’t waste her time by calling her, again and again, don’t try to blackmail her. Kunj came to Twinkle and said sorry for not signing the paper.

Twinkle said ok. Kunj said now tell him where to sign. Twinkle showed the Paper. Kunj closed his eyes and said he would do by closing his eye Twinkle put Kunj’s hand on paper, Kunj signed the paper.

Will Yuvi came back to home after bail?

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