Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016: Twinkle agrees to take Rockey’s contract

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016: Twinkle was giving first aid to Yuvi. Twinkle said they would not take his contract. Yuvi said if they took the contract then it would be good for their company. Twinkle agreed. Rockey’s manager said them to wait. Twinkle and Yuvi waited for him, after some time a girl told them that Rockey would not come.

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Twinkle became angry and started to shout on the manager. A man took flower for Twinkle with a note in which Rockey said sorry for not coming. Twinkle saw the flower and thought how Rockey knew that this flower was her favorite flower.

Twinkle came to Rocky and started to shout at him. She throws the flower and said to Rockey that he hit her husband even that they came to meet him and but he did not come. Twinkle said they did not need his contract. Yuvi was at home with Babee and Ushaa.

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016

Twinkle came there and said to Yuvi that she cancelled the contract. Yuvi asked why she did that, the contract was very important for their company. Twinkle said the contract was not important her husband was important for her. Babee and Usha smiled.

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016 Written Updates

Rockey was drinking and thought about Twinkle’s words. Palvi stopped him. Kunj said did she know what Twinkle said to him. Kunj said how someone changed so much, who loved him so much now she had forgotten him. Kunj said that now he would show Twinkle how the actual husband was.

Pallavi said to Kunj to be patient. Kunj said 5 years are enough for the patient now he would take revenge from her. Kunj came at gurudwara. He saw Twinkle and Kunj there. He came near them. Twinkle asked her what he was doing there. Kunj said he came there to say sorry. Kunj said sorry to Yuvi.

Kunj and Yuvi shake hands with each other and Yuvi said anybody could do mistakes. Kunj said sorry to Twinkle also and said to her that he listen to the name of her company and wanted that they took his contract.

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd June 2016

Twinkle said to Kunj that she took her contract but she would never forget for what he did to her husband. Pallavi said to Twinkle that she couldn’t talk him in that way. Kunj said to Palvi that Twinkle said this only because she loved her husband.

He said to Yuvi that he was very lucky that his wife loved him so much and could cheat anyone for him like she cheated him. All were shocked. Kunj said he was just joking. Kunj said thanks to Twinkle for accepting his contract.

Twinkle and Yuvi were in the car. Twinkle said to Yuvi that she did not like Rockey. She said to Yuvi that she wanted that he handle this contract singly. Pallavi was with Kunj. Pallavi said to Kunj that if Twinkle gave all responsibility to Yuvi. Kunj called to Yuvi and said to him that he wanted to give a surprise party to Pallavi. He also said that he wanted some designer suit. Yuvi said okay he would manage.

What will Kunj do?

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