Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016: Rockey tortures Twinkle in chess room

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016: Twinkle and Rockey were in chess room. Twinkle thought that it was the same room where she came with Kunj. Suddenly smoke started to come in the room. Twinkle felt suffocation. She said to Rockey to go from there. Twinkle wanted to find the way to exit.

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Rockey said that now he played the game with her. Twinkle found the door but it was locked. Twinkle asked to Rockey why the door was locked. Rockey said may be door was jammed. Yuvi called Twinkle. Twinkle wanted to pick up the call but Rockey pushed Twinkle and her phone dropped down.

The door opened. Rockey came out and said to manager to open all the door of the hotel. Twinkle came there and started to clap. Twinkle said to Rockey that he did not have any manner as she was in room with him but he did not care about her.

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016

She also said that Pallavi was so unlucky who found him as her husband. Rockey said to Twinkle that she married to Yuvi and he was also a criminal and many criminal case was filed against him and when she could marry to Yuvi then why Palvi could not marry to him. Twinkle came out and she found Pallavi.

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016 Written Updates

She wanted to tell Palvi about Rockey but Rockey came there and took Palvi with him for dinner. Pallavi said to Twinkle to join them. Twinkle said that she would come after some time. Pallavi asked to Kunj was plan successful. Kunj said that today he felt very happy to see Twinkle in that condition.

Kunj saw Twinkle and start dancing with Pallavi. Kunj asked to Pallavi was she fine. Pallavi said yes. Kunj said Shayapa queen to Pallavi. Twinkle reminded that Kunj also called her Syapa queen. Yuvi also came there. He asked to Twinkle why she did not pick up his call. Twinkle said it was due to this Rockey.

Rockey said to Twinkle that may be Yuvi loved her a lot in the world. Twinkle said that she did not want to share her personal life with him. Yuvi said to Twinkle to dance with him as it was his favorite song. Twinkle and Yuvi dance together. Kunj became angry to see this. After dancing, Yuvi left from there.

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016

Kunj also left from there. Palvi said to Twinkle that Rockey did not want to go with her in her friend’s marriage. Twinkle asked her why he did not want to go there. Palvi said that her friend was remarried and Rockey did not want to go there.

Rockey said that palvi’s friend was married to a wrong guy so he did not want to go there. Twinkle said that he didn’t have any right to judge anyone. Suddenly Yuvi came and took Twinkle with him. Kunj became angry and said that Yuvi never left Twinkle alone.

Yuvi said to Twinkle that she arranged dinner for her and he ordered all her favorite dishes. Twinkle and Yuvi started to eat dinner. Rockey angrily saw them.

What will Rockey do next to torture Twinkle?

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