Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016: Police arrests Twinkle for the murder of Mahi

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016: Mahi falls down from the cliff. Everyone gathered there. Twinkle cried to save Mahi. Kunj said how this happened? Anita called the police and blamed on Twinkle. She said Twinkle had killed her sister.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016

Kunj said to her that how could she say that? Leela said to stop Anita. Leela said she had lost her daughter and Anita was blaming on her other daughter. She said Twinkle wanted to take revenge from her. Bebee said to stop her atleast for this time.

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016 Written Updates

Twinkle said Yuvi had killed Mahi. All became shocked. Anita said how she blamed on Yuvi. She said Yuvi was not present there. Twinkle said Yuvi had kidnapped Mahi and tied her with rope and pulled the rope.

Yuvi reached there and asked for Mahi. Anita told him that Mahi is no more. Yuvi acted to became shocked. He blamed on Twinkle. Kunj said to him to stop that nonsense. Leela said to Yuvi that he had killed Mahi. She said Mahi was upset for many days, and it’s only and only Yuvi who had killed her.

Yuvi said why he would kill her? Twinkle slapped Yuvi and said that police would arrest him. Police reached there. Anita said to the inspector that Twinkle had killed Mahi, she falls her down from the cliff.

Kunj said to Inspector that Twinkle had not killed her. Inspector said all proofs are against of her so they would arrest her. They arrested her. Twinkle holds the hand of Kunj. Kunj said to her that he was with her and he would not let her so much time in the police station. Polices took her. Yuvi showed a smile.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd April 2016

All reached home. Kunj talked with the lawyer for Twinkle’s bail. RT got angry and blamed on Twinkle. Leela said to him how he could blame on his own daughter. RT said all proofs are against of her. Leela said her one daughter can never kill her other daughter. RT left from there.

Leela said she loved her both daughters. She could never make any difference from them and she started to cry. Inspector came in the house for investigation. Yuvi said to him that Twinkle was jealous by Mahi because she loved him and that’s why she had killed her. Inspector started his investigation.

In the jail, A lady jailor asked Twinkle that why she killed her. She refused to accept it. Inspector reached in Mahi’s room. Kunj said to him that Twinkle loved Mahi so much and she could not do that. Inspector said all proofs are against of her.

He founds a dairy of Mahi. Kunj became shocked to read her diary. In her Diary, it was written that Twinkle did not like Mahi because she loved Yuvi. She hated Mahi because she had become Yuvi’s wife. She crossed all her limit to make harm to her. She tried to throw acid on her face to kill her. Kunj stunned to read all this.

Will Kunj prove that Twinkle is innocent?

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