Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016: Twinkle is kidnapped, Kidnappers calls Yuvi to free Anita Luthra

Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016: Yuvi came to home. He said Twinkle where was she. He was saying that he gave the good presentation to his client. But he did not find Twinkle at home. Yuvi came to Usha. He asked to her where Twinkle was. Usha said that she may go to Gurudwara.

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Rockey said to Pallavi that he was not feeling like he was living in his home. Pallavi said him to be Patience. Yuvi came to Gurudwara. He saw a girl there and touched her but that was not Twinkle so she said sorry to her. He tried to call Twinkle but it did not connect. He left from there.

Leela said to Yuvi if he found Twinkle. Yuvi said no. Leela said him to find her from anywhere. Yuvi came to Rockey. He said that his wife was missing. Rockey said that now this was his new drama. He said him to pay his money. Yuvi said that his wife was missing and he was talking about money.

Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016

Pallavi said where she could go. Yuvi came to the home. He called to Twinkle. The phone started ringing. He saw the phone was left under the bed. Leela said him that she had left her phone there. She said to Yuvi to check that resort where she was gone.

Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016 Written Updates

He went to that resort but the manager said that Twinkle did not come there. Yuvi came to Police station to write the report of missing of Twinkle. But Police refused to write a report because missing report would be written only after twenty-four hours of missing. Yuvi came to the house.

Rockey and Pallavi came to Yuvi and said that he could help them in finding Twinkle but Yuvi refused to take his help. He said to Rockey that he had doubt on him that he kidnapped his Twinkle. Rockey tried to fight with him but Pallavi stopped him.

Rockey said to Pallavi that if Yuvi and Twinkle were planning against them or Twinkle was missing in reality. Pallavi said that may be they could plan against them. They should not trust them but their family members were looking very worried.

Tashan-e-Ishq 7th July 2016

Yuvi was worried. Police came there and said that they would start the investigation now. Rockey came there and said that he had called Police. Police started to investigate Twinkle room. Police saw some scratching sign in Twinkle room. They said to Yuvi that Twinkle was kidnapped by someone.

They said that there has been struggling in her room. Yuvi had an unknown call. He attended the call. It was the kidnapper. He said to Yuvi that if he wanted to see his wife alive then he had to free Anita Luthra from jail and had to keep Police and Rockey away from this case.

What will Yuvi do now?

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