Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016: Anita again runs away from Police

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016: Twinkle was following Yuvi by hiding herself in car bonnet. They reached a house. Yuvi thought that his mom would be inside the house. He called the police and stayed outside the house and waited for police. Twinkle came out from car bonnet. She saw the house and thought that Anita would be there.

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She went into the house by hiding herself from Yuvi. Yuvi did not see her. Twinkle came inside the house; she saw that Anita was eating food. She remembered how she harmed Kunj and how she killed him. She said that after bringing storm in their life, she was still calmly eating food.

She said that she would not leave her now. She called her name loudly as Anita Luthra. Anita became shocked to see her there. Yuvi was still waiting for the police outside the house. He said that he would not go inside unless police came there.

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016

He said that if he would go inside the house then she would try to run away from there. Anita asked Twinkle how she reached there. Twinkle said that she would not leave her now. Anita’s goons came there and grabbed Twinkle and put a cloth on her face. Anita ran from there, twinkle shouted for help.

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016 Written Updates

Yuvi heard the voice of twinkle from inside the house. Yuvi came inside, he saw the goons grabbing Twinkle. He fought with all goons and freed her from there. Police came there and arrested all the goons and asked where was his mother Anita. Yuvi told them that she ran away from there.

The police show that how she become successful in running because their plan was full proof. Yuvi looked towards Twinkle and said that he did not know how it happened. The police said that they would catch her next time and left from there.

Yuvi said to Twinkle not to take tension as he would keep his mom in jail once he found her. He requested Twinkle not to do these actions again and started to leave from there. Twinkle stopped him and said sorry for him. She said that she had destroyed her plan.

Now she would help him in finding Anita. But Yuvi said to her that it would be dangerous for her. Twinkle said that still she would help him and he could not stop her from doing that. She left from there. Yuvi also followed her.

Twinkle reached at the house from auto. Yuvi also reached there in his car. Usha saw them. Usha asked her where she was at that time. Twinkle became happy to see her care and started to hug her but she stopped her. Usha asked her what she was doing with Yuvi.

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 8th June 2016

Twinkle told her whole story. Usha said to her that she did not have a need to go anywhere as she created problems everywhere. Twinkle left from there. Pallavi told to Kunj that his reports were fine and soon they would go to Amritsar and would select a gift for Twinkle.

Twinkle went to Kunj’s college and collected his certificates. A boy said to his friends that Kunj was going to fight with him but now he was gone and laughed. Twinkle came to him and said that she was Twinkle Taneja, she would fight with him in place of Kunj.

Twinkle started fighting with him. She was losing but Yuvi came there and made her win. Twinkle became shocked to see him there. She said to him not to interfere in her matters. Yuvi made him shut up. A girl watched them and told to Usha about that.

Usha called Twinkle asked her where she was. She said that she had come to Kunj’s college to take his certificates. Usha asked her about Yuvi. Twinkle became shocked to hear that.

What will Usha do now with Twinkle?             

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